Reading is a ability that gets far better with the more you read. And books are among the finest methods the getting new information (link). But one factor many civilization don’t read it due to the fact that of the moment it would take lock to finish a book. How long to review 100 pages is a inquiry that many world ask to gain an estimate. What seems choose a simple question is quite complicated when us started examining things.

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Multiple components step in once it involves how lengthy it bring away to read 100 pages or any variety of pages. What room these factors, we’ll talk about later in the article. Likewise how long would friend take, at various reading speeds to complete some of the most famous novels?

How lengthy to check out 100 pages? The mean speed

It is said that the median speed of reading is around 300 words every minute. By average, we typical normal literate human being who have the right to read and also comprehend in ~ a normal speed. Of course, some human being read really fast and some who read very slow.

So at 300 words every minute, you’ll require 2 hours and also 45 minutes approximately. In ~ 100 pages every 2 hours and also 45 minutes, a regular novel would take about 13 hours and 35 minutes (assuming the publication is 500 pages long) of consistent reading. Yet no one reads in one sitting.

If you review for just an hour, friend can finish the novel in about 14 days. Add one more similar publication in a month friend can finish two books. How countless words did you read? around 500,000 words! the is a lot, simply an typical speed.

How long to read 200, 300, 400…words?

The price of speed transforms as you go v the book. This method that if it take it you 3 hours to complete the first 100 pages, it could take you more than 3 hrs to finish the next 100 pages. But still, we have actually put the numbers.


A track of Ice and also Fire (A game of Thrones) has around 1.7 million words, disseminated in 5 books. At average reading speed, it would take 98 hours to finish it, or 98 days to complete at one hour every day.

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The longest publication in the English language is A Remembrance of Things previous or searching for Lost Time through Marcel Proust. The publication is a whopping 9.6 million native heavy. So to finish the publication in mean speed, you’ll need over 530 hrs to finish it. An hour a day would need virtually 2 years to finish the book.