Spanish cuisine has been popularized and also was presented to numerous other nations due to colonization efforts.

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Flan may be consumed together a snack or as component of a larger meal.

This blog article will comment on how lengthy does flan lasts and how to keep it if you choose to make her own.

What is Flan?


Flan is a dessert that world in Spain and Portugal regularly eat, yet it’s additionally famous worldwide.

It consists of egg whisked in addition to sugar and also milk.

It’s cooking in stove with a caramel sauce on the bottom and is periodically topped v chocolate, whipped cream, or nuts.

Flan can be topped off through whipped cream to make it even an ext decadent.

The structure of the flan should be velvety smooth like custard but not necessarily as thick.

Flan is an top dessert native the southern of Spain that has actually been around since middle ages times and shares same to other similar desserts favor crème caramel, panna cotta, or zabaglione.

It’s a reasonably easy recipe to do at house for civilization who are comfortable with cooking eggs.

How to store Flan?


Flan generally contains eggs and milk, which are combined with sugar before being cooking in individual ramekins.

Once sufficiently cooled indigenous cooking, flan must then be chilled overnight to allow the custard to collection correctly therefore that when you slice into your delicious cake, every one of its yummy quality won’t operation out.

Flans taste finest when they have actually been refrigerated after cooling yet do no need any type of special treatment once stored away; store them sealed tightly until required again.

How long Does Flan Last? does Flan go Bad?


Flan have the right to be baked in a dish called a “flan mold” till set.

Once the flan sets, that will have actually an outer layer the is firm come the touch, and also inside the coating is a semi-solid to fluid custard.

There are many local variations that flan, and it have the right to be made with various types of milk, sugar, vanilla beans, or other flavorings.

In general, flan is best eaten once it is freshly baked.

Flan will last for 2 come 3 job in the refrigerator.

When refrigerated, flan should be stored with a piece of plastic pave or wax document that covers all but the optimal inch to an inch and a half of the surface.

This layer helps keep moisture from developing on top of the custard and keeps any type of other food from acquiring on it.

Flan big a great 1 come 2 month in the freezer and remains simply as very delicious without seasonings or texture affected.

How to Tell if Flan is Bad?


Flan is a light, sweet custard dessert that deserve to be served as an individual food or in large trays.

It is a clip dish in plenty of Latin-American countries, including Mexico and also Cuba.

Flan can be do with different flavors (chocolate, caramel) or added ingredients for flavor (vanilla extract, cinnamon).

The best method to tell if your flan dessert has actually gone bad is by its smell: when the custard go sour, that emits a sharp, uncomfortable odor.

The custard foam on top of the flan may additionally separate native the remainder of the dish, and also the liquid component of the flan may additionally appear as a thick, gelatinous mass.

Another authorize that your flan went poor can it is in visualized concerning how certain or soft that feels.

If the custard is a watery liquid, then this can be one more sign that you have actually spoiled or expired flan in front of you.


In conclusion, flan is a kind of dessert the many world enjoy, however it can go bad.

We expect you took pleasure in reading this blog post about the shelf life that flan.

If girlfriend have any questions or comments, please leaving them below.

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Flan is a delicious and also versatile dessert that deserve to be served with fruit on height for breakfast, in ar of ice cream together an interesting twist to her favorite odor or even topped through whipped topping for a an ext traditional dessert experience.