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A period that is inserted after the note to show a change in the expression of a note. The period adds fifty percent of the value of the note to itself. Because that example, a dotted fifty percent note it s okay 3 win - worth of a fifty percent note is 2, fifty percent of 2 is 1 so 2 + 1 = 3.

dotted entirety note = 6 beatsdotted half note = 3dotted quarter note = 1 1/2dotted eighth note = 3/4dotted sixteenth note = 3/8

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A sign which signifies a measure silence. A entirety rest is silence identical to the value of a entirety note (4), a fifty percent rest is silence identical to the worth of a half note (2). Come illustrate an ext clearly:


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Notesthat room on the spaces the a treble clef. We will go indigenous the lowest an are to the highest; the notes space F - A - C - E. These notes are actually straightforward to remember, just think of your FACE! Remember, ~ above the piano when we say treble clef, it"s played by the appropriate hand. Memorize this notes and their positions on the spaces. Take keep in mind of the note on the spaces from the illustration above.


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The five horizontal present that consist of a music staff are called leger lines. The notes on the leger lines space as complies with from lowest to highest: E - G - B - D - F. You deserve to make it much easier to mental by creating mnemonics like; Every good Boy does Fine or Every an excellent Boy Deserves Football. Memorize these notes and also their location on the lines. Take keep in mind of the note on the lines from the illustration above.


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These are the noteson the spaces the a bass clef, they room as complies with from the lowest room to the highest: A - C - E - G. You have the right to make it much easier to remember by creating mnemonics like; all Cows Eat Grass. Remember, on the piano the bass clef is played by the left hand.

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These are the note on the leger lines of the bass clef. They room as adheres to from lowest heat to the highest: G - B - D - F - A. You have the right to make it less complicated to remember by creating mnemonics like; great Big Dogs frighten Amy. Here"s an illustration

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It is typically the very first thing piano instructors teach students. The C sits on the leger line between the treble and also bass clef staffs.

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Bar lines space the upright lines you view on a music employee which divides the staff into measures. Inside a measure up there space notes and also rests matching to the number of beats determined by a time signature.

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It shows how countless notes and what type of notes in a measure. The moment signaturescommonly used are 4/4 (common time) and 3/4. Over there is likewise 5/2, 6/8 etc. The number on optimal is the variety of notes per measure up while the number ~ above the bottom shows what kind of note. Here"s a guide:

bottom # is 1 = whole notebottom # is 2 = fifty percent notebottom # is 4 = 4 minutes 1 notebottom # is 6 = 8 hours notebottom # is 16 = 16th note
 Wikimedia CommonsFlat - A symbol put in former of a note in a item of music to reduced it through one half step