The most famous recipe because that French onion dive calls because that sour cream, mayonnaise, and onions, however other recipes usage grated cheese or also cooked bacon bits.

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If you want to know just how long the French onion dive keeps in the fridge, exactly how to save it properly, and how lengthy it have the right to be frozen, this write-up is because that you.

What is French Onion Dip?


French Onion emboldened is a form of dip that have the right to be served alongside French fries and also other foods.

The recipe usually is composed of a mixture containing sour cream, mayonnaise, and other ingredients.

The recipe varies from an ar to region, however it is generally thick and also creamy through a mix the mayonnaise, tart cream, onions or onion powder, garlic salt, and black pepper.

It can also be offered cold as a salad dressing in some regions rather of being warm like other French Onion Dips usually served warm.

French Onion Dip has actually been about since 1955 as soon as the Lipton agency mentioned it in your cookbook as a cooking recipes they supplied for dips.

Today, French Onion dip is most often served through other foods items such together chips or vegetables choose celery sticks and carrots.

It can also be made into sandwiches that space then cut in fifty percent lengthwise to produce two halves that bread slathered with the dip.

Some world like to eat French onion dive by itself, straight out the the container.

This is specifically popular when it’s cold outside, and you don’t want to obtain up for anything.

How to keep French Onion Dip?


The French onion emboldened is a an excellent recipe to do for any kind of occasion.

Plus, it’s easy and also quick.

To save this delicious dish for later on use, you desire to save the cheese in one airtight container.

The taste the the onion will pass through through your container if left out on the countertop.

You can also place leftover French onion dive in a sealed plastic bag or pave it v cling film prior to storing it in the refrigerator.

it keeps ideal when stored at 40° F.It must not it is in stored close to meat assets as they offer off gases that contaminate foods approximately them. They also emit fumes that may cause botulism toxin to kind over time if left unattended.Best used within one main after made for freshness and flavor retention (but might be frozen).Best supplied within 3 months after freezer for ideal flavor retention.

To know more about the shelf life that this delicious, store on reading.

How long Does French Onion dip Last?


French onion dip is among the most delicious dips you deserve to enjoy.

It’s a perfect dip for vegetables, chips, and more.

Sometimes civilization may discover themselves wondering just how long walk french onion emboldened last?

Although delicious through all that is tasty flavors, this dish can spoil overtime or go sour in the fridge.

So what is the price to the question?

Refrigerate any kind of unused portion within two hrs of preparation; this will keep freshness in ~ its best flavor potential by staying clear of oxidation indigenous occurring.If you have leftovers, placed them in a plastic container or plastic wrap to save for approximately 5 days in the refrigerator prior to they need to be cooking again. The high quality of the dish will certainly be decreased by adding too countless spices in ~ once. So include just one spice at a time until it reaches your wanted flavor level.

In general, French onion dip can last around a mainly in the refrigerator.

Don’t forget to label it if you room not sure of the date.

If any part of your French onion dip goes bad, discard it and make a new batch.

Can You frozen French Onion Dip?


French onion dip have the right to be frozen, however the texture transforms a bit.

It is best to frozen it in small portions so the you can enjoy all of those fresh flavors throughout the year.

French onion dip will certainly last increase to three months as soon as stored in one airtight container and also kept at or listed below 40 levels Fahrenheit.

The shelf life for French onion dip different by brand, so examine your packaging information prior to freezing and thawing this dish.

Before putting it in the freezer, be sure to enable it come cool first.

Then, location the onion emboldened in a freezer-safe airtight container and also seal it.

It is constantly best come thaw your frozen French Onion Dip for at least two hours prior to serving so that you have the right to be certain of the quality.

When ready to serve, include sour cream or mayonnaise and salt and pepper.

You’ll desire to return this dish into an airtight tub until lock are prepared to eat again.

How come Tell if French Onion emboldened is Bad?


So you do a batch of fresh chips and dip castle in a creamy, oniony sauce.

But you’re no sure how long it’s been because the French Onion Dip to be made or if it has actually gone bad.

A bad French onion emboldened will frequently be brown or dark yellow.

The smell and taste may also give it away by being sour or bitter, instead of the sweet, tangy odor that have to accompany a an excellent one.

The best means to call if your French onion emboldened is still new is through looking in ~ its color and the thickness that the dip.

If it is brown or dark yellow, smells sour, and tastes bitter, then your French onion dip has gone bad and should it is in thrown out immediately.

Another authorize that her dip has gone bad is if that looks or smells curdled, lumpy, oily, and also slimy.

French onion dips need to be save on computer in the frozen fridge to keep them fresh because that as long as possible.

When they room taken out of the fridge, it deserve to take approximately two hours at room temperature before they walk bad, depending upon how warmth the kitchen (or exterior air) is.


In conclusion, French onion dip is a delicious appetizer that many world enjoy.

The original recipe suggests that it must be refrigerated for up to two weeks, yet you might want to examine if her container of dip is bad before eat it.

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If the fluid in your container has a sour smell, you have to throw the end the French onion dip and make a brand-new batch.