When do resolutions in ~ the begin of a new year, there room two varieties of commitments us whole-heartedly stand behind: those that involve learning something brand-new and those that don’t involve a detox. Because that example, why not focus on learning more about different varietals of wine? very first up ~ above the list: the ultimate after-dinner wine, Port. To get the 411 top top Portugal’s most popular export, we reached out come George Sandeman, the 7th generation chairman the the Porto-based wine merchant company, Sandeman, i beg your pardon was started in 1790. Sandeman explains that port is a “is a strengthened wine make from the grapes grew on the schistous soils that steeply sloping vineyards, through a natural residual sweetness which provides it attractively affluent in flavor.” that enjoys the on its very own or mixed right into a cocktail. Here are his tips to the most memorable port experience, plus, you’ll uncover out as soon as you must drink it, how to store it, and also why Sandeman is just one of the best Port brand around.

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George Sandeman

When is the ideal time to drink Port?

The finest time to drink Sandeman port is as soon as you want to make a moment special. Offered cool, or chilled, in a red wine glass it will certainly make the sunlight shine on a dull day, the rain taste prefer nectar and melt the big chill. Sandeman port comes solely from the earliest demarcated and also regulated an ar of the world, the Douro in the north of Portugal, and takes its surname from the City the Oporto (in Portuguese: O Porto, or “the port”). Sandeman’s Ports have actually the benefit of being wines with a an excellent diversity the flavors and also styles. While Port has a legacy of being served at the finish of a good meal, it additionally is well-known for its background as one aperitif or consumed on its very own as an alternative to a sparkling or still wine. In the last decades, Sandeman Port has actually grown in popularity together a wine to match with food (such together foie-gras or coco desserts) while in the aperitif category, Port has been widely known as one influential component of a variety of classic cocktails, leading many mixologists come experiment in the widest selection of mixed drinks and an innovative cocktails.

Once a party of port is opened, exactly how long will certainly it last?

A party of Port has the benefit over a constant wine of having actually a much longer open party shelf life. Depending on the layout it deserve to be maintained for 4 come 12 weeks as soon as opened. The full-bodied co-founder Reserve Ruby Port might fade after 4 or 5 weeks, when Sandeman’s 10 or 20 Year Old Tawny will be great even after ~ 10 or 12 weeks.

What are the best conditions for storing an opened up bottle of port?

Like most organic wines, storage is an important consideration. An open bottle of Port will last longer if save on computer in a cool, dark environment, away from straight lights which often tend to heat the bottle. Ports have the right to be stored in a frozen refrigerator or in a ViniCave.

What execute you love most about port?

It is the diversity of Port formats which I reap most. The possibility to drink a wonderfully cool Sandeman 20 Year Old Tawny as the last treat that the evening, or together a Sandeman royale cocktail in ~ the start of the evening. Or a sangria made with Founders Reserve, v ice and orange slices. It appears to me that there is constantly a format for the moment. And also it makes the mundane minute special!

What renders Sandeman various from various other brands?

The heritage of Sandeman has created a distinctive style. Constantly respecting tradition, over there is a clear track of development in the wines, the brand, and the communication. The recent change to disruptive clean glass bottles to present off the distinctive colour of our aged Tawny port is a clean indication that the heritage of innovation. This might not be done without the exceptional quality wines top top which we draw. This stock, which dates earlier to the 1850’s, offers us through the compensation winning Sandeman 10, 20, 30 and also 40 Year Old Tawny Ports which are included in this individually labeling collection.

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Is port still considered a soul for larger generations or space younger human being interested in it?

There is tho a an excellent respect because that the heritage connected with Port, but there is a fast cultivation interest in the age dated Ports like Sandeman 10, 20, 30 and 40 Year Old Tawny Ports, and also an expertise of just how delicious these are once served chilled. Over there is additionally an ever-increasing knowledge that port is wonderful part that the ‘higher flavor/lower alcohol’ cocktail trend, and also rising number of bartenders are consisting of Port in your drink repertoire. Serve in a tasty cocktail or over ice, cool in a alcohol glass, top top its very own or together a match for savories or cacao desserts. Civilization from every generations are discovering that Port deserve to be a cool component of their drink repertoire.