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Updated January 7, 2019

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Aseptic method is required.

Caution – before use, execute the complying with checks: (a) read the label. Ensure systems is the one ordered and also is within the expiration date. (b) Invert container and inspect the systems in good light for cloudiness, haze or particulate matter; examine the container for leakage or damage. Any kind of container which is suspect need to not it is in used. Use only if equipment is clear and container and also seal are intact.Single unit container.Discard unused portion.Not for injection. Outer Closure removed – understand the container v one hand and turn the breakaway ring counterclockwise through the other hand till slight resistance is felt. Then, twisting the container in the opposite direction, rotate the breakaway ring sharply till the whole outer cap is loose and can be lifted off.

Connect the administration set through the sterile set port follow to set instructions or eliminate screw cap and also pour. 

 Do no warm over 150°F to guarantee minimal bottle distortion. Store bottles upright.
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STERILE WATER- water irrigant

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STERILE WATER- water irrigant

RxCUI RxNorm surname RxTTY
1 150985 water 100 % irrigation Solution PSN
2 150985 water 1000 MG/ML watering Solution SCD
3 150985 water 100 % irrigation Solution SY

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STERILE WATER- water irrigant

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