Dear Stoner: How lengthy should I host a fight in? The longer the higher, right?TerriDear Terri: not really, but don’t blame yourself for fallout’s for the old myth, due to the fact that there’s a little of reality to it. Hold in hits for longer than a few seconds can make friend feel higher or an ext dazed, but that’s only because you’re depriving your brain of oxygen; it has nothing to perform with letting your lungs soak increase smoke longer.

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Multiple research studies have shown that about three seconds is the suggest of diminishing returns as soon as it comes to holding in cannabis smoke, as your lungs have the right to only take it in therefore much. A 1997 research revealed that person lungs have the right to only inhale about five to 6 milliliters the oxygen per minute, while an ext recent research indicates that about 95 percent of THC is soaked up by the lungs within the an initial three seconds of inhalation. Therefore take your hit and inhale, count to 2 or three and blow. No must ghost those tokes anymore, girlfriend. Even if you conserving your stash, it’s just not precious the dead mind cells.Send questions to

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