The scriptures says the God told Noah to take on the Ark 2 of every kind of animal, and seven bag of the clean animals and flying creatures.

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Two of Every Species?

Was every species on the Ark? No. Types is a term used in the modern classification system. The bible uses the hatchet “kind.” The developed kind was a much more comprehensive category 보다 the modern term that classification, species.


What is a “Kind”?

The biblical ide of created “kind” probably most carefully corresponds come the household level in existing taxonomy. A good rule of thumb is that if two things have the right to breed together, climate they space of the same developed kind. That is a bit more complicated, yet this is a great quick measure up of a “kind.”

Variety in ~ Kinds

There have the right to be a remarkable amount of variation within a produced kind. Because that example, various species of dogs, such together wolves, dingoes, coyotes, jackals, and also domestic dogs, can frequently breed through one another. As soon as dogs breed together, you obtain dogs; so there is a dog kind.


Was Every type of animal on the Ark?

The scriptures states the Noah’s cargo was minimal to land-dwelling pets in which to be the breath of life (Genesis 7:15). This clearly excludes fish and other sea creatures, and also it most likely excludes the insects and other invertebrates.

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How numerous Kinds that Animals?

Recent researches estimate the total number of living and also extinct type of soil animals and also flying creatures come be around 1,500. V our “worst-case” scenario strategy to calculating the number of animals top top the Ark, this would typical that noah cared for about 7,000 animals.

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