I have actually never been able come ask the adhering to question and also get a straightforward straight answer and also would favor to understand why over there is a controversy, and also what the answer yes, really is.

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The question: have the right to a 20 amp 12 AWG circuit because that receptacles that are general use receptacles in living locations be offered to supply strength to a light or two and the switches that control the light or lights? If power is simply as conveniently supplied by a bright circuit through room on it, then of course one would usage that. Yet if the most convenient supply for the lamp is this 20 amp 12 AWG circuit then deserve to it be used?

I have been said yes an ext times than no. But the no answers have some an ext detailed take on the worry as it comes to code.



According come 2011 National electrical Code, over there is no difficulty mixing lighting and also receptacles ~ above a 15 or 20 ampere circuit.

2011 National electric Code

Article 210 Branch Circuits

210.23 allow Loads.(A) 15- and 20-Ampere Branch Circuits. A 15- or 20-ampere branch circuit shall be allowed to supply lighting systems or otherutilization equipment, or a combination of both, and also shall comply with210.23(A)(1) and also (A)(2).

For some factors why folks tend to protect against this in practice, take a look in ~ my answer come this other question.



Yes the can. Different areas have rule for fill on a circuit. As long as friend don"t have actually load concerns you room fine doing this. Lots of people don"t mix receptacles and also overhead bright to store the room lit if over there is a strength failure top top one yet this is no a tough rule and also is just great practice.


The wiring for the light needs to be 12 gauge, and also the light switch needs to be rated for 20 Amps. Can"t have 14 gauge cable or 15 amp switch almost everywhere on a circuit that is protected by a 20 Amp breaker.

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