What will certainly fit in the tribe of her rental auto in Europe? A website designed for older or disabled travelers can assist answer the question.

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Daniel Fink the Beverly Hills claims he likes driving small cars in Europe. Provided the expense of gasoline, that renders financial sense.

But will whatever fit in the trunk?

His wife wants to take it a 24-inch suitcase. Will certainly that work?

The rental car websites said “370 cubic liters (that equates to about 13 cubic feet) or had small icons the midsize and little suitcases, however didn’t say how large those suitcases actually were,” Fink claimed in one email.

He stated he assumed two 24-inch suitcases, two backpacks and also two roll carry-on bags can fit -- but that there wasn’t room because that error.

It’s a “bad idea to leaving luggage visible when traveling,” Fink noted.

The solution: a website sponsored through the research study Institute for consumer Affairs, or RICA, in Britain. That provides consumer information because that elderly and disabled people, Fink said.

“The website has comprehensive dimensions including for auto entrance and exit (door sill height, opened size, etc.) and also ‘boot’ space,” the said. “Converting the centimeters to inches, ns told my mam that we can take the two 24 inchers.”

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