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We selected high quality farm fresh eggs and also cracked, beat and also pasteurized them come ensure food safety. Then we placed them in convenient easy-to-store, easy-to-pour packaging with prolonged shelf life so they’re ready when you need them – every single time.


Liquid entirety Egg (ESL*)*Extended Shelf Life12 x 1 kg cartons (Order Code: 10783) or2 x 10 kg bag-in-box (Order Code: 11386)
Made from farm fresh eggsKosher and also Halal certifiedready to use, straightforward to store, with basic to to water spout or twisted capwith citric acid to guarantee extended shelf lifepasteurized and also homogenized for food safety and also consistency
Kitchen Benefitsmore convenient than shell eggsideal for part control & menu expense planningfrees up time & labor – no cracking, no mess100% yield – no shells, no waste

Shell Egg Conversion

1 big egg = 3 tbsp (48 mL)*1 cup = 6 huge eggs*1 together = 22 big eggs*


Shell Egg Converter

Menu Ideas

Use in any recipe that calls for covering eggs.

Breakfasts: french toast, crêpes, omelettes, smoothies, …

Lunch & Supper: quiches, frittatas, casseroles, pastas, …

Desserts: pastries, cakes, cookies, custards, …

Shelf Life and also Storage

keep at 1-4°C (34-39°F).Do not freeze.Use in ~ 2-3 days of opening.Refrigerate after ~ opening.Always inspect the Best prior to date indicated on the carton or case.

Nutrition truth – Cartons

Per (100 g)
Calories 149.81% everyday Value
Fat 9.97 g13%
Saturated 3.19 g+ infectious diseases worldwide 0.12 g15%
Carbohydrate 1.99 g 
Fibre 0 gSugars 0.7 g0%1%
Protein 11.97 g 
Cholesterol 430.88 mg
Sodium 160.30 mg7%
Potassium 137.89 mgTBD%
Vitamin A 159.58 RE15%
Vitamin C 0 mg0%
Calcium 49.87 mg4%
Iron 1.20 mg7%
*5% or much less is a little, 15% or more is alot

Nutrition facts – Bag-in-Box

Per (100 g)
Calories 143.08% everyday Value
Fat 9.50 g13%
Saturated 3.12 g+ infectious diseases world fashion 0.04 g15%
Carbohydrate 0.8 g 
Fibre 0 gSugars 0.37 g0%0%
Protein 12.55 g 
Cholesterol 371.70 mg
Sodium 141.89 mg6%
Potassium 137.89 mg3%
Vitamin A 107.91 RE15%
Vitamin C 0 mg0%
Calcium 55.96 mg4%
Iron 1.75 mg10%
*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is alot

ingredient & Allergens

INGREDIENTS: totality egg, salt phosphate (in carton layout only), citric acid.

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