Since there have the right to be <-ℓ, ℓ> orientations and also since the orbital type f has ℓ = 3, us should have 7 possible orientations with 2 spins, for this reason $7 imes 2 = 14$, so I thought the correct answer to be D (14).

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However, I acquired it wrong and also the exactly answer is significant as C (2). Is that an error in the test, or am I absent something?



You"re correct that there room seven possible spatial orientations because that an f-type orbital, and also hence seven feasible orbitals in one f-type sub-shell. However, the question specifically asks because that the maximum number of electrons in one together orbital, and also any solitary atomic orbital, regardless of the sub-shell type specified by $l$, have the right to only host two electrons. This is by virtue the the Pauli exclusion principle. Fourteen would be the maximum number of electrons throughout an entire f-type sub-shell, yet the question just asks around one orbital.


The concern specifically ask the no.of electron an orbit of f subshell can hold.... Together we recognize that f subshell contain 7 orbital and also each orbital have the right to hold preferably 2 electons so correct answer would certainly be 2..we can simply know this by acquisition the actual life example imagine that there is home named f which consists of 7 rooms so likewise in this instance house is a subshell and each room is one orbital... Thank you,


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