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Basic Information

Name: TelluriumSymbol: TeAtomic Number: 52Atomic Mass: 127.6 amuMelting Point: 449.5 °C (722.65 K, 841.1 °F)Boiling Point: 989.8 °C (1262.95 K, 1813.64 °F)Number the Protons/Electrons: 52Number that Neutrons: 76Classification: MetalloidCrystal Structure: HexagonalDensity

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293 K:
6.24 g/cm3Color: silverish

Atomic Structure

Number of power Levels: 5First energy Level: 2Second energy Level: 8Third energy Level: 18Fourth energy Level: 18Fifth power Level: 6


IsotopeHalf Life
Te-1194.69 days
Te-12116.8 days
Te-121m154.0 days
Te-1231.3E12 years
Te-123m119.7 days
Te-125m58.0 days
Te-1279.4 hours
Te-127m109.0 days
Te-1291.16 hours
Te-129m33.6 days
Te-1302.5E21 years
Te-13125.0 minutes
Te-131m1.35 days
Te-1323.26 days
Te-13312.4 minutes
Te-133m55.4 minutes
Te-13441.8 minutes


Date the Discovery: 1782Discoverer: Franz Muller von ReichensteinName Origin: indigenous the Greek word tellus (Earth)Uses: coloring of glass and also ceramics, thermoelectric devicesObtained From: by-product that refining that lead and copper

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