Recall how to locate valence electron for every atoms (except transition and inner change metals). Establish that steels will shed electrons to form cations and nonmetals gain electrons to form anions. Predict fees (using the modification Bohr model, Z Predict charges (using the modified Bohr model) for the complying with elements: phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and also aluminum. Memorize charges because that silver and also zinc brand your periodic table through predicted charges native Bohr model.

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Earlier, we situated the valence electrons for elements Z

Figure (PageIndex1): Valentine image constructed from Pink Hearts frame from and photo of bill Nye by Gage Skidmore (CC-BY=SA 2.0).


A neutral salt atom is likely to attain an octet in that outermost covering by shedding its one valence electron.

The cation developed in this way, Na+, is dubbed the sodium ion to identify it native the element. The outermost shell of the sodium ion is the 2nd electron shell, which has actually eight electrons in it. The octet dominance has to be satisfied. Figure (PageIndex1) is a graphical explicate of this process.

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A piece of lead, reduced through, is silvery for a brief time, prior to the surface ar oxidizes. This to be the left piece of the previous image, the was cut with a spicy knife, utilizing a hammer. (CC through 3/0;

When lead becomes a cation, it will certainly not it is in visible and can come to be water soluble. If lead ions go into a drinking water system, one would not have the ability to detect castle visually. For years, lead pipes were installed to transport water to consumers in many countries including the joined States. If corrosive water to be to enter a lead-based pipe, the would develop soluble command ions. This charged varieties could be ingested unknowingly by citizens of the community. Watch the video below and note just how lead has impacted the city the Flint, Michigan.

Follow-up concerns

Why to be the drinking water source changed native Lake Huron to Flint River? go the Flint flow contain lead? If not, exactly how did the lead get in the drink water? how did the residents describe their drink water? you re welcome realize the discoloration that the water is due to excess iron and also not lead. How can lead damage the body? who does it affect the most? What can have been added to the water before releasing it to the pipes? Why did friend think public representative didn"t include this snucongo.orgical? What were every the contaminants this video mentioned? exactly how did boiling the water assist and ache the residents of Flint, Michigan?


Some atoms have practically eight electrons in your valence shell and can gain extr valence electrons till they have actually an octet. When these atoms get electrons, they acquire a an adverse charge because they currently possess an ext electrons than protons. Negative charged ion are dubbed anions. Most nonmetals become anions as soon as they do ionic compounds.

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A neutral chlorine atom has actually seven electron in that outermost shell. Just one much more electron is essential to accomplish an octet in chlorine’s valence shell. (In table salt, this electron originates from the salt atom.)


In this case, the ion has actually the exact same outermost covering as the original atom, yet now the shell has eight electrons in it. Once again, the octet ascendancy has been satisfied. The resulting anion, Cl−, is dubbed the chloride ion; note the slight adjust in the suffix (-ide instead of -ine) to produce the name of this anion. Figure (PageIndex2) is a graphical depiction of this process.


In countless cases, elements that belong come the same team (vertical column) ~ above the periodic table type ions v the very same charge because they have the same variety of valence electrons. Thus, the routine table becomes a tool for psychic the dues on many ions. Because that example, all ion made from alkali metals, the an initial column on the periodic table, have a 1+ charge. Ions made from alkaline planet metals, the 2nd group top top the periodic table, have actually a 2+ charge. On the various other side of the regular table, the next-to-last column, the halogens, type ions having a 1− charge. Figure (PageIndex3) shows exactly how the fee on numerous ions have the right to be predicted by the ar of an element on the regular table.