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Unit Descriptions
1 Furlong:Furlong is a measure of distance of 660 feet; likewise equivalent come 220 yards, 10 chains, and one-eighth of a mile. Originating from the size of one furrow plowed along the longest side of an acre, measuring 660 feet. 1 furlong = 201.168 meters.1 Foot:International inspection foot identified as precisely 0.3048 meter by convention in 1959. This is the most common modern foot measure. United state Survey may likewise be used but are nearly identical for brief distances. 1 ft = 0.3048 m.

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Conversions Table
1 Furlongs to Feet = 66070 Furlongs come Feet = 46200
2 Furlongs come Feet = 132080 Furlongs come Feet = 52800
3 Furlongs come Feet = 198090 Furlongs to Feet = 59400
4 Furlongs come Feet = 2640100 Furlongs come Feet = 66000
5 Furlongs to Feet = 3300200 Furlongs to Feet = 132000
6 Furlongs to Feet = 3960300 Furlongs to Feet = 198000
7 Furlongs come Feet = 4620400 Furlongs to Feet = 264000
8 Furlongs come Feet = 5280500 Furlongs come Feet = 330000
9 Furlongs to Feet = 5940600 Furlongs to Feet = 396000
10 Furlongs to Feet = 6600800 Furlongs come Feet = 528000
20 Furlongs to Feet = 13200900 Furlongs to Feet = 594000
30 Furlongs to Feet = 198001,000 Furlongs come Feet = 660000
40 Furlongs come Feet = 2640010,000 Furlongs come Feet = 6600000
50 Furlongs come Feet = 33000100,000 Furlongs come Feet = 66000000
60 Furlongs come Feet = 396001,000,000 Furlongs come Feet = 660000000

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