I have 45lbs of lr, dsb, skilter 400. I understand I can"t put them in at once however how many full in the end?

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that counts on what kind of fish u made decision on bigger persons or small ones let us understand

Don"t recognize the reality behind this but had review somewhere the max is 1 customs of fish per gallon the water. Appears true enough - bigger fish = less fish.So speak if your fish average 3 inches each 8 would be 24 inch of fish leave a buffer??

Hi, it"s one customs per 5 gallon.. Yet that is no concrete you don"t want to put say a flavor in there. Whatcha thinking? perhaps a clown part chromis??? goby??

Your lighting looks an excellent - 190Watt VHO - are you doing a reef or FO ?In a reef perhaps 1 or 2, perhaps 3 nice tiny colorful fish in a 30 gallon have to be good -as long as they stay small.
i agree through ren one customs odf fish per gallon unless you start to view parasites or her fish are getting too sick!!Don"t buy too expensive fish it spins ure spikes go over!
Once her tank is developed you can get around 1 inch of fish every 2 gallons. No more.With all the rock and l/s , you probably only have about 20 gallons of actual water in the tank. This means the tank s/b may be to assistance up to a max that 10 inches of adult size fish. Not ONE FISH i m sorry REACHES 10 INCHES...tank too tiny for this. I would certainly recommend a royal grammer, a flame hawk(of course) and if girlfriend wait 5-6 months after every is going fine a fire or coral beauty point of view angel. If girlfriend don"t desire to wait you can substitute the point of view w/ a perc. These combo"s will offer you part deversity and good color. Mine 2 cents. Great luck.

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Gotta be careful with autumn fish in tanks, and also the old inch/gallon generalities space dangerous.Using the 1 inch of fish every 2 gallon calculation would mean:10 gallon nano could have (5) 1" fish55 gallon tank could have (27) 1" fish125 gallon might have (62) 1" fishdon"t think therefore ...Even the 1" / 5 gallon is a little risky.IMO - once determining the variety of fish to store in a offered size tank, girlfriend should likewise include the adhering to in your decision.FO or aggressive or ReefFiltrationSize that fish as soon as an adultMixing compatible fishHabits and needs the each varieties of fishOverstocking normaly leader to overfeeding and also or an illness - which leads to poorer water quality, problems, and discomfort come the fish.my 2 cents