— through gas price rising, filling her vehicle’s tank can make you great for far better fuel economy or a smaller sized gas tank — specifically if you journey a pickup truck prefer Ford’s 2018 F150.

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Equipped with a 5.0-liter V-8 and 10-speed automatically transmission, the F150 has actually a an unified EPA rating the 19 mpg, i m sorry is not out of line for a full-size truck model.

Based on the present national mean fuel price that $2.49 for continual gas, filling the Ford’s traditional 23-gallon tank from north would cost $57.27. With the Ford’s optional 36-gallon fuel tank, the expense escalates come a knee-buckling $89.64. That means filling up her F150 model could expense the very same as what you’d spend on dinner for four at numerous restaurants. The good news around the larger gas tank is the it stretches the F150’s range between fills to 684 mile (using the an unified 19-mpg rating) from the conventional truck’s tank that 437 miles. The vehicle’s larger fuel tank variety is much more than enough to do a round pilgrimage from Los Angeles to ras Vegas with a side expedition to Hoover Dam.

Gas price rose another 3 cents the past week, and also at $2.49, the national median for regular on Thursday was 13 cents higher than a year ago, according to the AAA daily Fuel Gauge Report. Premium gas, in ~ $3.02, was 18 cent higher, and diesel fuel to be 37 cents greater at $2.89. Pump prices climbed in many states, with few of the biggest increases in Georgia and Kentucky (6 cents) and Ohio (5 cents). 

Colorado and also Utah were among a grasp of claims that bucked the trend. Regular fell a penny in Utah and 2 cent in Colorado. Despite the national typical for continuous is a penny greater than a month ago, price in Colorado and Utah are 10 cents lower than a month ago.

Missouri had the lowest median price for continuous on Thursday, $2.21, adhered to by Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma at $2.23. Hawaii had actually the highest possible average price, $3.30, v Alaska and also California at $3.11.

Pump prices can move higher in the comes weeks because oil prices have actually marched upward. U.S. Oil to be trading at nearly $62 at an early stage Thursday, up around $5.50 from two weeks ago.

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