A look into the origins of the THC terms "dub" and "dubsack." If anyone make the efforts to market you a dub for much more than $20, you're gaining played!

Hello, dear funny JANE readers. We love you! this particular day we’re back with an additional lesson in three semantics. We all know there’s a wide selection of THC terminology, and pot slang has advanced in tandem with cannabis culture. While some turns of expression are commonplace for longtime smokers, over there are brand-new consumers obtaining into grass ~ above a daily basis, and not everyone knows the definition of, say, “FECO,” “shatter,” or “the entourage effect.”

That said, we’re not trying come patronize tried-and-true tokers — therefore if you take into consideration yourself one endo expert, this short article may it seems ~ a little bit 101 come you. But hey, us all require a refresher now and also then, and consider this article something you could send to your mother.

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Anyway, we characterized what a “zip” the weed to be the critical time we available a lil great on linguistics. (In instance you forgot, it means an ounce of pot.) This time, however, we’re going smaller: What specifically is a “dub” or “dubsack” of weed, and also how lot pot is that?

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To be clear, the ax “dub” does not describe the music genre popularized by Jamaican artists, nor the electronic music genre “dubstep,” in spite of marijuana’s connection to both. The hatchet “dub music,” popularized by geniuses favor King Tubby, refers to a dublate, or an acetate recording disk that studios would use to check recordings before mastering lock on vinyl.

In the context of cannabis, however, dub is a unit the measurement the derives native “dubs,” i beg your pardon is slang for auto rims that are at the very least 20 inch in diameter. Because that reference, peep master P’s 2005 track “I need Dubs,” special the lyrics: “Cruisin v my girls even rollin through thugs / I need dubs, 22"s, 24"s.”

So a dub describes the number 20, and in pot parlance that means a bag of weed that prices $20. Historically, 20 bucks will gain you a gram of weed if purchase on the black color market. Earlier in the day, the was usual to slap a street dealer a bill with Andrew Jackson’s confront on the in exchange for a tiny baggie that might fit a considerable nug or two. Today, though, underground dealers and also delivery solutions will hardly ever make a sale that’s much less than an eighth the an ounce of weed. And also in legal markets, grams can go for as low together $10 bucks this days. If girlfriend buy in bulk, the price that a gram could even be less.

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1 gram the weed (Photo through Tolula)

A dub does not necessarily equate one gram, but rather a $20 purchase. Relying on the dealer, a dubsack can be anywhere between 0.7 grams (if they want to rip girlfriend off) and 1.5 grams (if the plug is emotion generous). Periodically a dealer could offer a discount and say they’re doing a “ten dissension dub,” suggesting that you’d acquire the weed at fifty percent price.

To recap, a dub or dubsack that weed means a $20 purchase, commonly from an secret pusher. Favor last time, we want to include some pop society into our lesson, so right here are some rippin’ tunes wherein the artist referrals a dub or dubsack:

“We bangin" out, that Taylor corridor / Dub to her face, infant "til girlfriend say mine name”

~ Wiz Khalifa ~ above “Black and also Yellow”

“I know that you"ve been cigarette smoking all my tumble weed / i looked into my dub sack every I watched was stems and seeds / You far better get dressed, fight the door / go to the dub spot and buy part mo"”

~ Afroman top top “Afroman Is coming to Town”

“I remain gettin environment-friendly or the cheese, I"m through it / In the backstreet with the Bs that lit it / Dub sacks in the stash, plus the weed is hittin”

~ Lil B top top “I’m just Livin”

“Midi-mapping hats, yo, tryna get cake / Waitin’ on a dub cause the weed male late”

~ Awkwafina on “Marijuana”

“Take a turn, in ~ this allude my main problem / whereby the bud’s daily I burn therefore I can grub / I need at least a dub.”

~ Wiki on “3 Stories”

“And when I’m smokin’ dubs, you can not hit mine weed / gold diggin’ bitch don’t get no love indigenous me”

~ Tay-K top top “The Plug”

“Make a visit, avoid by the weed spot take a dub / I recognize grams gon" have actually me a grub”

~ Beanie Sigel top top “Mom Praying”

“If you find a bag of weed top top the floor, pick it up / and if you uncover it I acquired 10 top top the dub / I"m tough to find like pickin weed the end a rug”

~ Redman top top “Gilla home Check”

So currently you understand the meaning of the slang — may you smoke plenty of dubs in peace, and also don’t allow anyone fee you much more than $20 for a gram!