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Periodic Table--Silicon

Silicon has nine isotopes, through mass numbers from 25-33. 28Si(the many abundant isotope, at 92.23%), 29Si (4.67%), and also 30Si(3.1%) space stable; 32Si is a radioactive isotope created byargon decay. Its half life, after lot argument, has been figured out tobe about 276 year (DeMaster,1980), and also it decays by beta emissionto 32P (which has a 14.28 year half-life) and then to 32S.

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Silicon isotopic ratios are contrasted to the NBS 28 traditional for measurement.32Si has seen use in date biogenic silica, generally in seashells. This nuclide could be an extremely useful because that determining sedimentationrates of maritime sediments comprise biogenic silica. 32Si concentrationsin rainwater vary seasonally. Dansgaard et al. (1966) discovered a relationshipbetween 32Si and also 90Sr, indicating the 32Sicould be used to day glacial activity.

Source the text: This evaluation was assembled by Dan Snyder,primarily from Faure (1986).

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