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Randy Moss invested 14 seasons in the NFL, prove his worth as one of the best large receivers in NFL history and earning his place as a Pro Football room of Famer.

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The previous Vikings star recorded 982 receptions, over 15,000 yards and 156 receiving touchdowns transparent his decorated career, which extended from 1998-2012.

While things came fairly easy because that the gifted wideout ~ above the field, points weren?t fairly so basic off it, particularly when it involved his first love.

Early Life and College Career

Randy Gene Moss to be born in Charleston, West Virginia to parental Randy Pratt and Maxine Moss. He flourished up in Rand, West Virginia and also attended DuPont High School, top the team to back-to-back state football championships and earning West Virginia football Player the the Year in 1994. The was likewise a star high school basketball player, yet chose to emphasis on football.

Moss was charged v two counts that misdemeanor battery ~ a student was hospitalized complying with a fight at school. His authorized in the fight led to him serving three days in jail and also losing his location at his dream college, Notre Dame, and also got the expelled from DuPont.

Moss ended up attending Florida State, but was dismissed native the university football regimen after violating his probation, having actually tested optimistic for marijuana. The vast receiver ended up transporting to Marshall University, close to his hometown, i beg your pardon at the moment was a Division-II NCAA program.

After two sensational seasons at Marshall, Moss asserted for the 1998 NFL Draft, wherein he to be drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round.


Randy Moss? Ex-Girlfriend

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Randy Moss was together with his high school sweetheart, Libby Offutt, for a lengthy time though the couple were reportedly never married, despite human being often referring to her as Moss? ex-wife. The pair had actually their very first child, Sydney, if still in high school.

The relationship in between Moss and also Offutt was frequently tumultuous, and the couple got into a heated dispute in 1996, which observed them both arrested for battery. Their relationship reportedly ended soon after the altercation.

In 2016, Moss criticized Libby on society media, blasting her for abusing drugs and not correctly caring for your children. Moss wildly claimed that Offutt had actually spent $4 million ~ above drugs, despite Offutt refuse the accusation.

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Moss and also Offutt have five children together, Sydney Moss, Thaddeus Moss, Montigo Moss, Senali Moss and also Sylee Moss. Thaddeus Moss to be a standout tight end at LSU and also is currently a member that the Washington football Team.