Honda to let go the note with the Element’s youthful target demographic when it debuted in 2003. However today, it’s more popular than ever before on the used-car market.

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2007 Honda ElementThe Honda element was designed because that young human being to go camping, hiking, surfing, and also biking, however nobody in your 20s actually bought one. Part of the reason that that wasn’t a quit hit through the younger demographic was that is design, which wasn’t precisely award-winning.

And ~ its first year of production, researches were showing that the majority of buyers were end the period of 35, and the median period of buyers was 42 year old. Enlarge buyers didn’t seem come mind the looks and also enjoyed the practicality.

Sales for the Honda element were good for the first few years, marketing over 50,000 units every year till 2006. Sales dwindled to around 11,000 systems in its last year of manufacturing in 2010, once Honda decided to no longer produce the compact sport energy vehicle.

Although you won’t be see a brand-new Element debut anytime soon, the compact SUV is currently in demand on the pre-owned market since of the utility.

There room many additional reasons why the Honda facet remains a popular an option in the used auto marketplace. However there were likewise many reasons that caused Honda deciding to discontinue the Element. Let’s go through all eight the the model years and find the best Honda aspect year for your budget.

Honda Element: A Cult Classic

2011 Honda Element

Introduced in 2003 because that the “active lifestyle” demographic, the Honda facet was not originally a an extremely well-liked car,. Its architecture was quite polarizing and most civilization would just finish up purchase a Honda CR-V instead.

The Honda element is essentially a crate on wheels. However this unique layout is what made it various from its competition, choose the RAV4. The Honda aspect could practically fit anything you want in the earlier when girlfriend folded up the seat or removed them.

The Honda Element’s chassis is based upon the CR-V platform, yet shortened in length and taller in height. The spacious and roomy cabin is what separates the element from the CR-V, you have the right to fold all 4 seats flat to make a bed, and also fold up the behind seats for an ext cargo capacity.

However, through the facility of gravity a little bit high, the vehicle was reportedly tough to journey on the highway as soon as there were strong crosswinds.

2004 Honda Element 

The Honda Element’s drivetrain definitely was no something to create home around either, yet it was reliable and also owners perform not have numerous complaints. The engine that covered the entire production that the Honda element was a 2.4-liter dual-overhead-cam inline four-cylinder engine through 156 horsepower. And beginning in 2007, it gained a bump as much as 166 horsepower.

Both engines satisfy those specifications in ~ 5,500 rpm and also 160 lb.-ft. Torque in ~ 4,500 rpm. That is no the strongest engine, and also 0-60 times were in the eight to nine secs range.

Towing capacity is 1,500 pounds, an excellent enough for your twin Sea-Doos or Harley-Davidsons. However this auto was not built for straight-line speed, and people did not buy the Honda element to tow your Sea-Doos to the beach. World bought the Honda facet for its huge cargo capacity. It has actually a cargo volume of around 130 cubic feet v the rear seats removed, i m sorry is around the exact same as a Chevrolet Suburban or a Ford exploration Extra Long.

2003 Honda Element

Drivetrain options for the automobile were two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and also they can be mated to an optional four-speed automatically or five-speed hand-operated transmission.

In 2007, Honda upgraded the automatic infection to a five-speed, which would certainly be precious holding out for if girlfriend can discover a later on model year. The many fun drivetrain option would be the Honda facet in a hands-on transmission, as it is a well-made five-speed hands-on — but it’s hard to find in an excellent condition.

And if friend can find the four-wheel journey Honda Element, we indicate that as well, because of the additional safety. But the two-wheel drive would certainly be simply fine if you add snow tires. Also, through two-wheel-drive, there are fewer points to break and it will gain slightly better mpg: 19 in the city, and also 24 mpg top top the highway.

Honda aspect Problems & Recalls

2004 Honda Element 

Overall, the Honda element is walk to be a an extremely reliable car. Follow to Car Complaints, the year to stop are 2003 and also 2007, i m sorry is interesting due to the fact that 2003 is the very first model year, and also 2007 is the first model year of the refresh.

When car shopping, it’s constantly best to prevent the an initial model year the the production of a new car. A few of the complaints around the Honda element are: In 2007 models, the speedometer gauge is well-known to just loss off while driving. And the key doesn’t fit into the door locks and won’t get in the ignition for the 2003 model year.

You can likewise find an informative article on Vehicle History on how to reset your Element’s immobilizer therefore you deserve to make duplicates of your key if this issue affects her model.

Car and also Driver bought a Honda element for your 40,000-mile permanent test when it to be new, and it verified to be a reliable vehicle that C&D said “easily gets our wholehearted endorsement.”

There are number of recalls ~ above the Honda Element and check her VIN number top top Vehicle History to view if her Honda aspect has any type of potential open recalls. Few of the significant ones to look out for are exploding airbags, accelerator sticking, and the trailer hitch wiring harness.

There were also some windshield worries on the 2005 and also 2006 model years, it appeared the windshield would certainly crack easily due to the fact that of a manufacturing defect.

Honda element Features

2010 Honda Element

The biggest and most talked around features of the Honda element are its suicide side doors and rear clamshell hatch doors. If you space a parent of a toddler, clamshell doors cloud be her worst nightmare. Yet if you room using the Honda facet to load big items inside, it could be a dream come true.

The problem with suicide doors and why most modern-day cars don’t have actually them is due to the fact that you need to open the former doors prior to you can open the behind doors. So, it can be a pain for entering and also exiting from the behind of the car. The clamshell rear hatch deserve to actually it is in a pretty feature due to the fact that it makes accessing your gear quite easy, and also it gives you a pretty workspace once it is open.

The Honda aspect is easily cleaned and obtainable for dogs. So, this offered Honda the idea come start selling a dog package for the Honda element in its final years that production.

If you confirm the “Dog-friendly” choice box, girlfriend would gain a water bowl for your dog; a ramp for less complicated entrance and exit; a little electric pan to cool her dog; and also a one-of-a-kind webbed kennel so your dog wouldn’t obtain hurt throughout transport.

Other fun options you could get space a 270-watt audio system with a subwoofer, a 12-volt accessory plug in the back, an overhead compartment, and an element Lifestyle package the “outfits her automatic-equipped car with a roof rack, door visors, a driver-side armrest through storage, and also a comfortable tailgate seatback perfect for lounging.”

2010 Honda Element

The initial MSRP variety when the Honda element was new was $16,100-$20,850. And has part cool color alternatives such as “Galapagos green Metallic” and also “Sunset Orange Pearl.” You can choose in between two trim levels of the DX and EX, and also the LX was included in 2004 and also the SC version was included in 2007.

A worthwhile choice to look because that in a supplied Honda facet that you can specify to be a moon roof that would permit you to wake up in your car and would provide you the ability to add a camping time to your roof.

In 2007 security control and also ABS to be made standard, and also side-curtain airbags were made standard, this boosted the IIHS crash tests to good. In 2010 the greater trim models would come v a rearview camera.

Some human being thought you deserve to just hose down the interior of the Honda Element and also this part is unfortunately not true. When the interior is basic to clean since of water-resistant cloth seats, you shouldn’t take taking a hose to the interior after your muddy mountain bike ride.

Best Honda facet Year

2011 Honda Element 

If friend can get over the design and poor highway driving, the Honda aspect is a an excellent car. And also if you room still interested in purchase a Honda facet after every those quirks and features then us think it would be best to look for a late design year choose 2009 come 2011 v the five-speed automatically transmission, security control, front and also side airbags, and four-wheel drive.

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Prices for a 2009-2011 Honda facet are quite reasonable and also can be had for $6,000 come $13,000 for a good condition example.