This food quantity chart allows you know exactly how much food to purchase for cooking for a crowd of 50 or more.

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This food quantity chart represents approximate quantities of food you need to purchase once you are cooking for a group of 50 people. Food item are typical of what might be served at a party or enjoy the meal for a huge crowd.


How to use this food quantity chart:

This chart gives quantities for 50 servings. For 25 people, divide quantities indicated through 2. Because that 100, multiple by 2. All serving amounts are approximate. Please use your ideal judgment.


Vegetables and also Fruit

Food Type

Approximate Amount for 50 ServingsServing size Per Person


Coffee (regular ground)

11/2 lbs.1 cup
Half & Half, for coffee2 1/2 pints1½ tablespoons
Sugar, for coffee12 ozs11/2 teaspoons
Fruit juice, lemonade, tea, etc1 cup
Bottles, cartons, cans4 32 oz.
Frozen7 12 oz. Cans
CocoaTo make 2½ gals.¾ cup
Instant mix2½ lbs.


Unsweetened powder8 oz.


Tea, hot or cold (follow parcel directions2½ gals¾ cup
Cider, hot or cold2 gals½ cup

Sodas, Punch

4 1-liter party or 3 gallons8 ozs. Purchase much more for extra servings

Bottled Water

as packaged1 each

Breads, Rice, Pasta, Beans

Bread, sandwiches or side dish4 lump (22-24 slices every loaf)2 slices
Rolls, biscuits, croissants, little muffins, bagels, etcdetermine through pkg. Size2 pieces
Crackersdetermine by pkg. Size4
Pancake Mixapp. 6 lbs, view pkg directions2 4-inch cakes
French Toast4 lump (22-24 slices per loaf)2 slices
Cooked, oatmeal, gritsabout 2 gals. Cooked (app. 2 lbs dry)2/3 cup
Coldapp. 5 boxes½-1 cup
Coffee Cake4 8" bundt cakes1 regular slice
Pasta, as side dish, spaghetti, macaroni, noodles4-5 16 oz. Pkgs.1/2 cup, cooked
Rice, uncooked3-4 lbs1/2 cup, cooked
Beans, canned8-12 15.5 ounce cans1/2 cup


Eggs, scrambled, omelets, frittatas

8 1/2 dozen2 eggs

Butter, for bread

1lb.1 pat, 1/2 inch thick

Cheese, cut as appetizer

4 lbs.2 oz.
Milk 3 gals1 cup
Heavy whipping cream11/2 pints

2 tablespoons whipped

Meat, Poultry-Quantity Uncooked

Beef, Lamb, Pork,boneless

16-18 lbs3 ounces cooked
Beef, Lamb, Pork, roast, bone-in22-24 lbs3 ounces cooked
Beef or Pork Ribs25-40 lbs1 pound cooked

Pork Chops

17 lbs1 chop 3/4" Thick
Chicken, pieces v bone-in18-20 lbs1-2 pieces
Chicken, boneless, skinless, cut-up because that casserole, soup, stew etc.16-18 lbs3 ounces
Turkey, whole, to roast40-50 lbs. (2-3 large birds)3 ounces


6 lbs., 12-20 slices every lb2 slices
Ham, bone-in, to bake18-20 lbs.3 ounces, cooked
Purchased all set to eat15 lbs3 ounces, cooked
Sausage, links i.e.. Pork, Polish, Knockwurst or other range sausages10-12 lbs.1-2 links=2 come 3 ounces, cooked
Hamburgers, ground beef or mixtureof floor meats13-15 pounds (app. 25% fat)4-8 ounces, cooked
Ground Meat, beef, turkey, pork, veal for meat sauce, lasagna, tacos, casseroles, etc12-16 pounds (app. 25% fat)1/2 cup cooked
Hot Dogs12 lbs2 warm dogs


Beef, Ham, Turkey, deli sliced4 lbs, in total2 slices (about 1 oz)
Cheese, deli sliced3 lbs.1 slice
Bread4 loaves (22-24 slices every loaf)2 slices

Condiments, Relishes and also Salad Dressings

Mayonnaise 32 ozs1 tablespoon
Ketchup2 20-oz bottles1 tablespoon
Mustard8 ozs.1 teaspoon
Pickles, whole, dill or sweet2½ qts1 pickle
Pickle relish2 qts1 oz.
Olives, ripe, whole or pitted1½ qts3-5
Salad dressing, self serve1 quart1 tablespoon
Mixed in salad3-4 cups
Salsa2-3 qts.2-3 tablespoons
Jelly, jam preserves,2 32-oz jars1 tablespoon


Lobster, in shell1 lobster per person1 1/2 lb
Crabs, whole, steamed, boiled in shell4-5 bushels, (medium crabs, app. 80-90 crabs per bushel; check with your local seafood sector as this different by region)6-8 crabs every person, depending on how lot other food is served
Fish, Fillets and also steaks, fresh or frozen14-16 lbs uncooked3-4 ounces, cooked
Whole, cleaned40 lbs uncookedapp. 3 ozs
Shrimp, life in shell (any size)18-20 lbs3 ozs. Cooking (app. 6-7 tool shrimp)
Cooked (packaged frozen variety)10 lbs3 ozs. Cooking (app. 6-7 tool shrimp)
Sea Scallops, fresh or frozen10-12 lbs.

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4 scallops
Crabmeat, lobster meat, squid, cooked, crate or packaged12-15 lbsapp. 1/2 cup
Mussels, Oysters, Clams, in shell12 each every person
Potatoes, red, white, Yukon gold, Russet or sweet; mashed, scalloped, au gratin, salads. Etc.18-22 lbs raw1/2 cup, cooked
Frozen, French fries, wedges, hash browns12-13 lbs1/2 cup
Lettuce, romaine, red leaf, icebergAbout 6 big bunches1 cup

Vegetables, offered as side dish, untrimmed, most varieties: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, eco-friendly beans, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini; sliced, diced or whole,

Fresh16-20 lbs

FrozenGreen beans, peas, corn, spinach,10 lbs

1/2 cup cooked

Vegetables served in salad or in vegetable platter, untrimmed

FreshSuch together cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, radishes4-6 lbs because that each vegetables in salad/tray

1/4 cup, as ingredient in salad
CannedMost varieties18-20 cups (8-10 14.5-15 oz cans, drained1/2 cup cooked
Tomatoes, sliced, for salad20-30 medium3 slices
Fruits,served together side food or salad, reduced up, most varieties,apples, grapes, melons, berries, bananasFresh10-15 lbsIn totalEx. 2-3 pounds each of 5-6 types of fruit1/2 cup
CannedMost varieties18-20 cups (8-10 14.5-15 oz cans, drained1/2 cup


Cakes2 13x 9 x 2" sheet cakes4 9" class cakes4 loaf pound cakes1 tiny square or 1 slice
Pies, 8-9 inch7-8 pies1 constant slice
Cookiesdetermine through pkg. Size2-3 cookies
Ice Cream, Sherbet2 ½ gallons1/2 cup
Purchased Dessertsdetermine by pkg. Size1/2 cup or 3-4


Nuts, mixed

2 lbs

2 tablespoons (1 good handful)

Potato Chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, cheese curls etc

3-4 lbs (check parcel size)