I'll prechallenge this by saying that you might fit even more money into a bottle making use of a dime, which is smaller sized yet has actually a high value/volume proportion. Regardless, utilizing quarters:

The volume of a quarter is ~808 cubic mm.

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808 mm3(1 L / 1.0E-6 mm3) = .000808 L

This short article states that the packing effectiveness of randomly distributed cylinders is around 0.64.

<2 L / (.000808 L)> * 0.64 = 1,584 quarters.

This is around $396.

Edit: /u/HufyMcGeeLapsJackson disshowed my presumption at the top!

First, I'm on mobile so sorry for any formatting worries.

I was curious to view exactly how a lot more money making use of dimes would yield, so I substituted the volume of a dime (~339.7mm3) in the same equations.

I finished up with $376.80

This didn't seem correct given that it is much less money. So I calculated each coins volume per dollar.

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For quarters: (808 mm3 / $0.25) = 3,232 mm3 per dollar

For dimes: (339.7mm3 / $0.10) = 3,397 mm3 per dollar

Therefore dimes take up about 5.1% more area per dollar. They're cshed, but you'll fit even more money in with quarters. Also calculating the percent difference in between our two values you get 5.09% difference, which is exact.

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