Quarts (imperial) (qt (Imp))Bushels (imperial) (bu (Imp))
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Unit Descriptions
1 Quart (Imperial):1/4 gal (Imp)1 Bushel (Imperial):8 festival (Imp)

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Conversions Table
1 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 0.031370 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 2.1875
2 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 0.062580 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 2.5
3 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.093890 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 2.8125
4 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.125100 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 3.125
5 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.1563200 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 6.25
6 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.1875300 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 9.375
7 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.2188400 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 12.5
8 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 0.25500 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 15.625
9 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 0.2813600 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 18.75
10 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.3125800 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 25
20 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 0.625900 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 28.125
30 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 0.93751,000 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 31.25
40 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 1.2510,000 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 312.5
50 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 1.5625100,000 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 3125
60 Quarts (imperial) to Bushels (imperial) = 1.8751,000,000 Quarts (imperial) come Bushels (imperial) = 31250

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