If you are here and you want to know how much music 1 GB deserve to hold, climate you are definitely in the ideal place. As soon as you know exactly how much 1 gigabyte have the right to hold, that is in reality pretty straightforward to work-related out the various other sizes.

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The guide below will to mark the storage capacity of 1GB, together with give friend some understanding into just how much album this storage dimension can also hold.

I have actually to include a disclaimer prior to I start. The details presented listed below is based upon real human being estimates and you should be aware that 1 GB can hold more or much less songs, it relies on a wide range of factors.

How many Songs deserve to Fit top top 1 GB?

Math is walk to it is in our best friend in working out the storage capacity of this size. That is pretty simple, nothing requiring advance calculus or anything like that J


To start, the size on one MP3 is yes, really dependent on different factors. These factors include the length of the song, encoded bitrate and also more. For sake the this guide, we space going to say the an MP3s average size is roughly 4-5 MB.To make the calculations easier, 1000 MB is more or less equal come 1GB1 GB = 1000 MB1000 MB split by 4 MB =250 mp3 songs1000 MB divided by 5 MB = 200 mp3 songs.

Below is a small chart mirroring you just how much songs the storage space should hold, dependency on the MP3 average paper size.

MP3 Size# of MP3’s

So together you deserve to see, 1 GB of memory should have the ability to hold around 140 – 250 songs.

Once again, this is every estimation and also as pointed out above, the various factors can cause the MP3’s to have actually bigger paper sizes, which means 1 GB deserve to really hold an ext or much less data. The great thing is the this really provides you a ballpark number to work with.


Some of you want to recognize how numerous albums have the right to be save on computer on 1GB. Since we currently have the information above, we have the right to once again work it out and also give girlfriend an estimate regarding how much albums 1 GB can hold.

An album is about 12-16 songs on averageWe will certainly then say that an mean album will have actually 14 tracksUsing the MP3 size of 4 MB, 4*14 = 56 MB for an album size.Using the album dimension of 56 MB we division by 1GB. 1000/56 = 18 AlbumsUsing the MP3 dimension of 5 MB, 5*14 = 70 MB for an album size.Using the album size of 70 MB we division by 1GB. 1000/70 = 14 Albums
MP3 Size# of Albums

You need to know have actually a quite solid idea regarding how lot albums you can store on 1 GB.

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If you want to look at at other storage sizes, I have actually guides top top 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 GB, 1 & 2 TB.