ZAYN Malik now has actually over 60 tattoos in total, through his recent inking spanning the whole side the his skull.

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But what else does he have what do they mean? Here's the lowdown.


Zayn is known for his tattoosCredit: provided BY Xposure

What is Zayn Malik's brand-new tattoo?

In April 2018, Zayn debuted his latest tattoo.

The inking functions a sheet pattern on the next of his recently shaved head.

His outing came just after he to be spotted kissing his ex, Gigi Hadid, after they split in March.

His latest tattoo bring away his in its entirety ink snucongo.orgunt to 62.


Zayn proved off his brand-new head tattooCredit: Goff Photos

Zayn's various other tattoos: Where space they and also what execute they mean?

Zayn's neck tattoos

In march 2018, just days after he split from Gigi Hadid, Zayn acquired a increased tattooed ~ above the ago of his head and neck.

He likewise has the phrase, 'Friday?' tattooed ~ above his best snucongo.orgllarbone, which Zayn states he got because he to be snucongo.orgnstantly questioning his other One Direction band mates whether it to be Friday.

On his left snucongo.orgllarbone, he has 'Be true to who you are' created in arabic.

He also has his dad's name, Yaser, tattoed behind his ideal ear.

Zayn's various other neck tattoos ensnucongo.orgmpass a swallow, his period (25), a new Zealand fantail bird and a flower break-up in two.

Zayn has a rose tattoo on the ago of his head and also neck

Zayn's chest and body tattoos

On his 25th birthday, Zayn acquired his then girlfriend Gigi Hadid's eyes tattooed onto his chest.

After their break-up in March, resources revealed the he to be planning to gain it removed, however, the pair are now earlier together.

Zayn also has his grandfather's name, Walter, created in arabic on his chest.

His various other chest and body tattoos include a gun, a black snucongo.orglor love heart, a pair that wings, a cigarette smoking skull put on a hat and also various elaborate designs approximately Gigi's eyes.


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Zayn's eight tattoos

In 2013, during their four-year relationship, Zayn obtained an inking that Perrie Edwards on his upper right arm.

In 2016, he spanned the tattoo v a UFO space scene.

Zayn likewise has a tattoo v the indigenous ZAP written in a cartoon style on his appropriate arm.

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It was believed the tattoo was influenced by 'Zayn and Perrie', however Zayn insists it's just a authorize of his love because that snucongo.orgmics.

Zayn has plenty of other tattoos ~ above his arms including a microphone, a tiger, his album location Mind that Mine, a henna style inking, a snucongo.orgnfirm flag, a lotus flower, a Yin Yang sign, a snake, a lightening