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Most civilization who space planning come buy a mustache dragon will certainly wonder what are several of the threats that come with owning one. Like many animals, once provoked or scared, they will certainly become an extremely aggressive. As soon as this happens, most animals will usage their this to defend themselves. Therefore, many will wonder if mustache dragons have actually teeth or not?

Bearded dragon do have actually teeth and also it’s used mainly for feeding. The front teeth are used to catch and hold insects such together crickets and mealworms. The earlier teeth are used to chew your food. Other than feeding, they also use their this to bite when engaged in a fight or to defend their territory.

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If her planning to buy a mustache dragon, your teeth space one important element that can not be ignored. Without your teeth, they will have a hard time catching and eating your food. This could lead come them gift sick and have other health and wellness issues.

Therefore, it’s important to recognize a small about their teeth and also how to properly treatment for them for this reason they will live a happy and healthy life.

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1Bearded Dragon’s Teeth
2How countless Teeth walk a bearded Dragon Have?
3Do Bearded dragons Teeth thrive Back?
46 reasons They May shed Their Teeth
5How come Tell If her Bearded Dragon Is shedding Teeth?
6How To prevent Tooth damage To mustache Dragons
6.1Wrong Diet
6.2Environment & Stress
7Should friend Clean moustache Dragon Teeth?
8Related Questions
8.1Is a mustache dragon bite dangerous?

Bearded Dragon’s Teeth

Bearded dragons 2 different species of teeth. Among them is referred to as acrodont teeth. This teeth room fused to the jaw bone. Acrodont this are found towards the earlier of their mouths. They are generally used for chewing foods.

The various other teeth are dubbed pleurodont teeth, which have roots and also can fall out. These are located at the prior of the mouth. There are just a few of them and also it’s usually used for biting foods.

Their teeth will differ in shape and also size depending upon the species. The pleurodont teeth are long and also sharp, when the acrodont teeth are short and triangle-shaped.

Their teeth help them eat a variety of insects and plants. In the wild, there space a selection of insects to eat. Due to the fact that they will certainly encounter different varieties of insects each day, your teeth space well-suited to eat something that crosses their path.


How countless Teeth does a mustache Dragon Have?

The number of teeth a bearded dragon has actually will differ from one come the others. For the acrodont teeth, some will certainly have in between 11 to 17 on each side the the top jaw. Top top the lower jaw, there will certainly be 13 come 20 on each side.

For the pleurodont teeth, a moustache dragon will have 4 on both the lower and also upper jaw. Larger species of bearded dragon will have actually pleurodont this that space even, if smaller species will have uneven teeth.

Do Bearded dragon Teeth grow Back?

Unfortunately, the bulk of bearded dragon’s teeth perform not grow back.

Their teeth space really solid and will certainly last their entire life. However, as the bearded dragon age, their teeth will start to wear. Sometimes, it will wear to your jaw bone and this is common for adult moustache dragons.

As lengthy as the mustache dragon is fed properly, you have to never have to worry about them losing any kind of teeth. Calcium is the most crucial minerals for bearded dragons together their bone and teeth need it to store it strong.

However, if you notification the bearded dragon are losing teeth, climate there is an basic issue. It’s vital to find the issue as quickly as possible. Letting the issue persist could lead to an ext teeth loss and even fatality can occur.

6 factors They May shed Their Teeth

There are numerous reasons why a bearded dragon may lose their teeth. Instead of walk through every one of them, below are the 6 main reasons why castle may lose their teeth:

Gingivitis – This method the bearded dragon has actually gum an illness which reasons the gum roughly the this to recede. If you notification they have actually gingivitis, this is permanent and also their gums will not flourish back. Because their teeth are over-exposed, it will certainly make the vulnerable.Stress – once bearded dragons get stressed, your usual solution will it is in to bang their head against an object. Stress have the right to be brought on by their setting or the dimension of the cage. This reptiles need a large cage to relocate around. Also, try to mimic their natural environments as much as possible.Soft Food – Too lot soft food can be a negative thing because that bearded dragons. In your diet, they require both soft food and hard food to save their teeth strong. Soft food is points such as vegetables. Tough food can be points such as crickets and also roaches.Nutrition – mustache dragons require the proper amount that calcium in your diet to save their teeth healthy. Too much or too small of calcium can reason their teeth to have actually problems.Fighting – This is commonly an issue if girlfriend have an ext than one moustache dragon in the very same cage. This reptiles are territorial and will fight each various other for it. Throughout a fight, they will bite every other and also may an outcome in a lose of the tooth.Weak Immune System – as soon as the bearded dragon is ailing or ill, teeth loss might occur. This happens because of their this being weakened by one illness. The teeth can end up being brittle and also biting anything hard could break their teeth off.


How to Tell If her Bearded Dragon Is shedding Teeth?

Bearded dragon’s teeth room what help them catch and also eat their food. Without teeth, it will certainly make that harder for them to eat your food. Therefore, it’s important that they have all their teeth intact.

Sometimes, they may shed their teeth and it may cause health problems. Listed below are several of the signs to look for if they room suffering from tooth issues:

Eating – friend may notice the moustache dragon is eating gradually than normal, or not also eating in ~ all. This is normally what happens when they bite under on their food and it reasons pain.

Swelling – There may be swelling around the mouth area once the moustache dragon is having teeth issues. The swelling will be around the difficulty teeth. The swelling will make your mouth larger than usual.

Teeth an altering Color – The teeth of the bearded dragon will change to various colors if it has actually issues. The color you have to look for room green, black, brown, and also yellow. Every of this colors way different things. Therefore, it’s best to consult through a veterinary for this reason they’ll be able to tell precisely what the worry is.

Red Gums – This is a worry for the mustache dragon as it can affect their all at once health. When the gums turn red, the a authorize of gum disease. If you notification this, take the mustache dragon to the veterinary best away.

Mucus – There will certainly be boost of rubber in their mouth if there’s an worry with your teeth. The rubber may even flow under their mouth as well.

Weight Loss – they will start to shed weight as result of not being able come eat. If you noticed they are getting smaller, your skin becomes saggy than usual, examine their teeth first.

How To avoid Tooth damage To mustache Dragons

Wrong Diet

Bearded dragons need both soft and hard food. It’s no recommended to feeding them strict soft food together it could cause damage to their teeth. Soft foods items can include anything the is tree matters, fruits, and also vegetables.

Soft foods cause damage come their teeth by getting stuck in between and also around your teeth. Together time go by, these buildup the food will begin to cause teeth issues.

As for hard food, they must be fed crickets, mealworms, superworms, and beetles. These room the clip food the they are accustomed to. Difficult food will not get stuck on your teeth frequently so there will be less chance for teeth issues.

Environment & Stress

It’s vital to administer them through a stress-free environment. This method the cage need to be the correct size for your types of bearded dragons. The cage should be huge enough where they room able to move roughly freely without having to bump right into anything.

As because that the environment, girlfriend should shot to mimic their natural habitat as lot as possible. Their natural habitat is composed of woodlands and desserts. They spend most of their time in trees and also bushes. When it gets as well hot, they will bury themselves in the ground. Therefore, friend should have actually decorations that trees, bushes, and also rocks. As for burying, placing a hidebox in the enclosure will administer them a ar to hide in.

Should friend Clean moustache Dragon Teeth?

It’s recommended to clean her bearded dragon teeth. It have to be excellent as component of your regimen care. Cleaning their this will help prevent condition and encourage a healthier life.

As humans, without any cleaning, the food lock eat will start to accumulate on their teeth known as plaque. Every one of this plaque, if not cleaned, will start to harden right into tartar.

Cleaning your teeth have to be done a pair of times every week. This will assist slow under the bacter action.

When clean bearded dragon’s teeth, you’ll need a cotton bud that’s soaked in a chlorhexidine solution.

Chlorhexidine is one antiseptic and also disinfectant that’s efficient again viruses, fungus, and also bacteria. This equipment is thought about non-toxic and safe come clean the this of the bearded dragons.

This equipment is only efficient when it’s supplied at full strength. The concentration requirements to be in ~ the correct level because that it to it is in effective and also won’t reason the moustache dragon any type of harm. The concentration might be as small as 0.05 or 0.2%. If you space unsure, discuss this with a veterinary that specializes in reptiles.

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Related Questions

Is a mustache dragon bite dangerous?

Bearded dragons are not aggressive and also holding them will not cause them to bite. However, if they space handled roughly, these reptiles may bite. The bite will cause a ache injury as result of their spicy teeth. Moustache dragons have actually venom in their saliva, but it’s not toxic to humans. However, you’ll desire to wash off the wound v antibacterial soap to avoid infection.