1.75 mol H2O x (6.022x10^23 molecules H2O / 1 mol H2O) = 1.05x10^24 molecules H2O if you require a further example allow me know 

2.25 moles of water ---> ? molecule of waterFor this you have to use Avogadro"s Number i beg your pardon is 6.022×10²³ molecules



According to avogadro"s law, 1 mole the every substance rectal 22.4 Liters at STP and contains avogadro"s number that particles.

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Now 1 mole that molecule contains = that molecules.

2.25 mole the molecule contains=


molecules space there in 2.25 mole of water.

The number of molecules current in the offered moles that water space


We space given:

Moles that water = 1.75 moles

According to mole concept:

1 mole the a compound consists of

number of molecules.

So, 1.75 moles of water will contain =

number of molecules.

Hence, the variety of molecules existing in the given moles of water space

3.01 × 10²³ molecules


Step 1: given data

Moles that water (n): 0.500 mol

Step 2: calculate the molecule of water existing in 0.500 moles of water

In bespeak to carry out this calculation, we will usage the Avogadro"s number: in 1 mole that water there space 6.02 × 10²³ molecules of water.

0.500 mol × (6.02 × 10²³ molecules/1 mol) = 3.01 × 10²³ molecules

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