Launching a weather balloon is an amazing time because that students. As they job-related in teams to design an experiment

and hypothesize about the results near space will have actually on the experiment, specific questions space bound come come up. In previous blog posts, we’ve tackled questions like “How high have the right to weather balloons go?” Today, we’re going to talk about the question, “how lot weight can a high altitude weather balloon carry?”

How much weight have the right to I paris on a high altitude weather balloon?

It’s necessary to keep in mind that weather balloons have the right to actually carry quite a little bit of weight. Just how much lock can bring depends mostly on the dimension of the weather balloon. If us go ago to the write-up mentioned above, we learn that weather balloons selection in dimension from 2.5 feet to 8 feet in diameter. That stands to reason then that the larger the weather balloon the an ext it can carry.

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With the said, there space some rules around how much weight is maybe to connect to a high altitude weather balloon. Regulation say flights can carry up come 12 lbs full payload weight, not consisting of the weight of the balloon. However, the weight demands to be divided into different payload packages the can’t be much more than 6 pounds each. Because the payloads have the right to experience excessive turbulence in the jetstream, emerged lightweight, rugged payload packages that resist damage and also ensure her experiment safely returns to the ground.

What other government guidelines are there as well as the weight restrictions?

At, all of our programs are designed to satisfy the requirements collection by the FCC and the FAA.

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Below are the regulation we have to follow during a balloon launch:

Cell phones room not allowed to monitor high-altitude weather balloons in flight.Payloads cannot exceed a package weight/size ratio of 3 ounces every square inch.No payload package can exceed 6 pounds in weight.The entire weight that the payload, excluding the balloon, cannot exceed 12 pounds.No rope or cable should be used which requires more than 50 pounds of force to different thepayload packages native the balloon.No one might launch a high-altitude weather balloon which creates a risk to other people and property.No one might use a high-altitude weather balloon to drop objects.

Are you all set to discover even more about launching a balloon? us encourage girlfriend to inspect out our high-altitude weather balloon FAQ to learn much more about weather balloons. If you’re all set to start your own weather balloon, schedule a call with our team and also we’ll talk about how we deserve to partner with you to get students excited about learning!