The ethical worries involving with karyotyping have actually been going about for decades. Why space there such ethical concerns like this exist in our civilization today? What is karyotyping anyway?Karyotyping activity (a.k.a karyotype test) is a kind of parental test wherein the number, size, form of chromosomes in a sample of the cells space identified and also evaluated. The image listed below shows just how a collection of chromosomes is shown in a karyotype test. The check would definitely answer parents" all-time question, the is: are the number, size, and shape the chromosomes in mine baby"s cell normal?

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In my opinion, parental do have rights to examine and learn an ext about your child"s chromosomes. If the chromosomes in the child"s cells space abnormal, for example, parents would have actually extra time to perform some extra preparations before the child"s birthday. They would not know just how to resolve their child, and also their feelings, if they found out the child"s abnormality top top the child"s first day. Karyotyping test, however, can lead an unfavorable effects come parents and children. Since there are both benefits and disadvantages come karyotyping test, ethical issues have risen up.There are several ethical worries surrounding karyotyping: 1) parents may pick to abort their kid after castle learned around the child"s hereditary disease; because that example,the son is made decision to be aborted ~ a couple found out around their child"s extra chromosome on his 21st chromosome pair. 2) gender based abortion tho exists; parents who are expecting because that a male boy would abort the fetesthat space females. 3) The birth price decreases as civilization who space at a higher risk for genetic diseases tend to prevent reproduction. 4) Karyotyping worsens mother"s health in a lengthy term. 5) some questioned, "Who is the finest decision maker to decide whether the child must be aborted or not?" after listing the end these five ethical issues, I have actually one question to ask: does anyone have the rights to abort the child prior to his/her birth? the course, there is no answer to such kind of question; if over there is a heavy answer, ethical problems involving through karyotyping would not exist in our civilization today! Therefore, after doing part researches add to watching some videos, I believe that people, specifically parents, have the legal rights to abort the child; however, the parental must have a great reason come abort the child. If the parents abort the child just due to the fact that they perform not favor the child"s gender, climate it is not ethical to execute so. If the parental think the the kid would certainly suffer because that his/her totality life, they must abort the boy for his/her very own good.I would favor to re-publishing a video my friend had sent me a while ago. After we watched this video, we had a long conversation involving this video.

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Summary: A pair found out that your unborn son has a genetic condition called trisomy 13. The is a rare condition where an extra chromosome is current on the 13th chromosome pair. The kids who have actually trisomy 13 have the right to only make it through for a couple of hours after ~ birth. They had to make a big decision even if it is to keep the infant or not. Despite knowing the truth that their son has trisomy 13, the parents made decision to save the baby, no issue what.At very first I agreed with my friend; the child should be abort best after the parents discovered out around his hereditary disease. My friend claimed that to offer birth come a son who is going come die would certainly hurt the mother and also the child, as well as the parental feelings. However, I began to disagree through my friends once I pertained to think about it again. In this case, parents have to keep the baby. To abort or not to abord, the pains the baby feel is really similar. Why don"t the parents offer the opportunity to the child? probably the boy is lucky enough to survive? I recognize that the kid actually died a few days after ~ his birth; however I still assistance the parental decision. In mine opinion, the parents should provide the chance to the child. Back parents have the civil liberties to nearby the child"s possibility for their very own goods, ns don"t think it is a good thing come do. Some civilization would ask, "What if the child actually survives yet is abnormal amongst his friends? Wouldn"t the torture him?" Yes, this would torture him; but, at the time when the mom was pregnant, parents would not understand what will take place to their boy in the future. Parents" project is to provide their son a opportunity to see the world, just like how their parents offer this good opportunity to them. If the son faces trouble throughout his life, parents space responsible to support the child"s feelings. Karyotyping tests have the right to lead come such consequences like the example I have provided above. The ethical concerns are not directly involving with the karyotyping tests. This baby would have passed away a lengthy time ago if the belongs to parents that think come abort the baby is the ideal decision. Periodically it is not ethical to do karyotyping tests, since some parents would certainly abort the baby for a an extremely unreasonable reason. In conclusion, it really depends; to execute karyotyping tests can be ethical, and it can additionally be unethical. I discovered this topic really interesting, and also it will certainly be great if I get to hear to people"s point of view on this. Sources: