HEADING SOUTH: KFI/640 AM has actually hired previous Seattle talk host Bryan Suits to fill the 7-10 p.m. Weekday slot vacated months back by john Ziegler.

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ANNIVERSARY; man Kobylt, left, and Ken Chiampou space celebrating twenty years on KFI/640 AM.

John & Ken. After 20 years on neighborhood radio, it seems as if castle have constantly been on a first-name basis v us. Prefer them or dislike them, your activist-style afternoon drive radio regimen perfectly winter the KFI/640 am vision that “more stimulating talk radio.” john Kobylt, 46, is the one who easily gets riled up over issues and events. Amnesty, OJ, Scott Peterson, Orange County judge Ronald Klein – don’t obtain him started. Ken Chiampou, 51, is viewed as the one who is calm and also rational. Off air, he said in an interview, “I am yes, really the crazy one.” They have been a team for so lengthy they end up each other’s sentence – and do it frequently in a phone call interview. Listeners deserve to see lock in human Jan. 25 at a sold-out “20 year of Rage” celebration at The OC Pavilion, 801 N. Main St. In Santa Ana. The event has a live transfer of their display (starting in ~ 6 p.m.) and also a 90-minute multimedia retrospective stage show. Castle met in Ohio in the early on ’80s. “All radio males hung out together, we discovered we had a lot in common,” john said. They an initial teamed in Atlantic City in 1988. “We began as bowl jockeys on an oldies station. Most of it to be comedy,” Ken said. John: “Even ~ we began going after politicians, the was method too much fun and we were an excellent at it. And also we could lug something for weeks. Once we relocated to Trenton (N.J.), a lot of listeners wanted us to do something, so we did mirrors on a taxes revolt and taking down the toy fee booths. It ended up being a much more active, crusading show.” Both agreed Trenton marked a transforming point due to the fact that they were component of the station’s transforming sound. “When us started, it to be talk with oldies, at some point it ended up being all talk and also no oldies,” man said. Ken: “We began talking around what remained in the papers – and when the governor increased taxes by end a exchange rate dollars, this was obvious material. “This is prior to the begin of contemporary talk radio. We started analysis off the stupid things government does and also we had actually the sound that pigs snorting in the background. That’s once the listeners called in. They stated ‘you’re laughing’ and also they got (upset). It was a sea change. No one was communicating with listener in those days on exactly how you have the right to stop the idiocy in government. This was an ext like acquisition to the roadways with pitchforks. Us got world to do things.” A radio consultant heard the show and alerted David G. Hall, that was then routine director in ~ KFI. John: “David came in august of 1992 and also listened to all 4 hours of ours show. That intentionally got stuck in traffic, looking for a diversion. He liked what the heard.” The pair joined KFI later on that year. John and also Ken are successful due to the fact that they come from the entertain ranks, not national politics or business. Lock know exactly how to interact the listener. Their display isn’t around left, right or center – it’s about being activists and also crusading for change. John: “No, we are not fair and balanced.” Both men have actually long-term contracts v KFI. “The present management understands how an important this ar is. There isn’t any kind of discussion around why,” john said. Ken added, “We spend zero time in anybody’s office in any kind of controversial state.” The man & Ken present was No. 1 in afternoon drive amongst adults 25-54 and adults 35-54, follow to the Arbitron loss survey. In period 25-54, the next three top stations to be Spanish, complied with by JACK-FM 93.1, KIIS/102.7 FM and KOST/103.5 FM – all music stations. Over the past year, the present has always been among the height 5 stations in the Los Angeles-Orange ar market. “Our audiences space as strong as they to be 15 year ago,” said Ken. “Many of our listeners were 15 or so when they first heard the display with their parents. Currently they room in their 30s, when life changes, and they room still attracted to us.” asked what listeners would be surprised to know about them, john said, “That i make breakfast and also lunch for my 3 boys every day before school.” Ken: “In reality, ns am not the calm, reasonable one. Turn off the air, ns am the crazy one.” inquiry what castle would most enjoy doing when off the air, Ken said: “Planning trips and also seeing the world one expedition at a time.” John: “Taking my family out on our watercraft in Lake Arrowhead.” and what do they hear to top top the radio? John: “baseball games.” Ken: “The ’70s and ’80s music ~ above XM Satellite Radio. Casey Kasem.” new KFI TALKER KFI/640 AM has actually hired previous Seattle talk hold Bryan Suits to to fill the 7-10 p.m. Weekday slot vacated months earlier by john Ziegler. “Bryan is funny, smart and a genuine character. I certainly hear him at KFI. That is a ‘more stimulating’ talk host,” said KFI regimen director Robin Bertolucci. “He’s ‘conservative’ on part issues, ‘liberal’ ~ above others. That is no a party line man to any kind of party or agenda. And he’s gained a wicked feeling of humor,” she said. Suits, 43, who also filled in as an interim hold from time to time, start Jan. 21. His wife and also six dog will continue to be in the Seattle area for now; he will live in temporary housing in Los Angeles and do his show live from KFI studios here, according to Bertolucci. Station BREAKS No future plan announced yet because that afternoon personality Todd Baker, who was fired Jan. 9 by KKGO/105.1 FM – “Go country 105.” Paul Freeman is now on 2-7 p.m., with no host currently from 7 p.m. Come midnight…. KABC/790 AM has actually dropped the computer system Show with Marc Cohen and also The cook Jamie Gwen Food & wine Show. Several of the replacements are paid programming. The Saturday lineup: 7:45 a.m. – Paul Harvey; 8 a.m. – The Mortgage Factor; 9 a.m. – The Mutual fund Store; 10 a.m. – The Ric Edelman Show; Noon -Compound Stock earnings Show. following week, the closer look at the autumn ratings – and the solid Orange County performance of modern-day Christian music KFSH/95.9 FM.

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