Hey guys, my research study partner and I were talking around the weight of a human being leg for part reason. Us both estimated a foot to be roughly 20% that the total body weight.

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Google told us that legs are about 9% and also arms 6% i m sorry left us wondering if the trunk and also head the the body can really be 70% of the fixed of the entire body.

Any expert estimaters want to take it a cracked at this?

Edit: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~loebinfo/loebinfo/Proportions/humanfigure.htmlThis could help

Thanks in advance!

P. S. I'll offer the inspect marks

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Okay, this could be means too convoluted a an approach but let's provide it a shot:


Average body fat percentage of a human male = 24% sauce

Let's i think this is additionally true in the leg. For this reason 24% the our leg by weight is indigenous fat.


I also assumed the the leg deserve to be considered a perfect cone (i don't recognize if cylinder would be better, yet the tapering led me to select cone).

So through the photo OP edited in, we have a radius of the cone come be approximately 5.5 inches, and we have actually a elevation of 31 inches. I'll walk ahead and convert those here:

5.5 customs * 2.54cm = 13.97cm

31 inch * 2.54cm = 78.74cm


plug this into our volume formula => V= (pir^2h)/3

=> V = (3.14*(13.972)*78.74)/3 = 16084.1cm3

We likewise know the 1cm3 = 1 mL


I probably should have done the earlier, yet let's now assume that bone is 40% of her leg through mass. This is the biggest presumption we've made together I might find no numbers for the median bone volume in a leg.


I boiled it down to this final calculation:

(.24*.916083.1)+(.401.7516083.1)+(.361.06*16083.4) = 20.87kg

This seems really high, however let's power through this calculation anyway.


Average fixed of a 5'9" human is 148lbs / 2.20kg/lb = 67.13kg Sauce


=> percentage of body mass in one foot = 20.87kg/67.13kg = 31.1%


Again, this seems high, implying the our human body is ~60% foot by mass.

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Edit: I'm noticing I actually calculated the end the mass of a leg by analysis methods and also I traction the average weight the a human being off a website. Therefore I'm at some point mixing empirical and also analytical data which can be why we obtained such a huge number here.