Use this calculator device to convert in between units of square feet (ft²) and also cubic feet (ft³) utilizing a elevation measurement.

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How to convert square feet to cubic feet

To transform square feet come cubic feet we multiply our square feet figure by the missing dimension, which is generally the height/depth. This assumes that the elevation measurement is in feet. If the isn't, transform it come feet prior to making the calculation.

The square foot is a unit the area (two dimensions) and also is generally calculated by multiply width and also length together. The cubic foot is a unit that volume (three dimensions) - generally calculated by multiply width, length and height dimensions together. This way that that is no a conversion as such, together we space not comparing favor for prefer - one has two dimensions, the other has three.


To calculate cubic feet based ~ above a square feet figure requires us to recognize an extra dimension: height/depth. Friend could, in theory, fit plenty of different measurements of square feet into a cubic foot. Picture a swimming swimming pool - it could be really long, large and shallow. Or, it can be shorter in length and width and be very deep. Both that these swim pools could, in theory, have actually the same cubic feet volume. But, their surface ar area would certainly be really different. Here's an instance of 2 boxes, both measure up 6 cubic feet.


Your factors for wanting to calculation cubic feet from a square feet figure may vary. One usual reason is because that landscaping. You can want to buy mulch or topsoil for her garden - these products are frequently sold in cubic feet. Let's i think you recognize how many square feet her garden measures, now you need to work out how many cubic feet of topsoil you'll need. Here's what we have to know:

Note: this formula suspect all measurements are in feet.

Square feet to cubic feet formula

Cubic feet = square feet × height (or depth)


Let's to speak you have actually a garden measure 20 square feet, and you want to cover it in 3 customs of topsoil. The topsoil you desire is sold by the cubic foot, so we need to do a conversion and calculation.

convert our depth figure from inches to feet (so that units space the same). There room 12 customs in a foot. 3 ÷ 12 = 0.25 ft.

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Our topsoil depth is 0.25 ft. Cubic feet = square feet × depth.So: 20 × 0.25 = 5. We have our total:5 cubic feet. advertisement

How to convert cubic feet come square feet

To convert cubic feet to square feet we divide our cubic feet number by one of the size - typically the height. To make this calculation work, your height number needs to it is in in feet.

together we debated earlier in our article, that is vital to keep in mind that this is no a conversion as such, due to the truth that a cubic foot is a unit that volume (three dimensions) and a square foot is a unit the area (two dimensions). So, you're not comparing favor for like. In order to calculate how countless square feet of area there are in your cubic feet that volume, you require to understand the measurement of one of the dimensions, in feet.

In our calculator, above, we've stated this together 'height', but it could equally be size or width, depending on which side of the thing you're trying to measure. As soon as you have one of the dimensions, her calculations can be carried out utilizing the formulae below.

Note: this formula suspect all dimensions are in feet.

Cubic feet come square feet formula

Square feet = cubic feet ÷ height (ft)


making use of our topsoil example above, and working backwards, you'll see exactly how it works. As a reminder, we have 5 cubic feet of top soil and a depth that 0.25 feet (3 inches). What is the square feet measurement?

Square feet = cubic feet ÷ depth.So: 5 ÷ 0.25 = 20. We have actually our total:20 square feet.

the course, if you usage our calculator in ~ the height of the page, it'll work-related these calculations out for you.


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