When transporting loads of rudely oil, it’s useful to be able to calculate the weight of her cargo to comply through weight regulations. Due to the fact that a gallon is a measure of volume and also not weight, just how much go a gallon of rudely oil weigh?

How lot does a gallon that oil weigh? The weight of crude oil arrays from 6.5 lbs/US gal to 8.5 lbs/US gal as crude oil arrays in class from irradiate to heavy. Due to the fact that the load of the oil is also influenced by changes in temperature, the petroleum sector uses dimensions that account for those changes.

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A supertanker has a deadweight volume of end 75,000 tons. The very first of the supertankers, the SS cosmos Leader, was constructed in 1956. She had 52 tanks in all and could hold over 1,300,000 gallons full (source).

Modern supertankers, prefer the very huge crude carrier (VLCC) class, are able to organize an estimated 84 million gallons or 2 million barrels of rudely oil for every 318,000 metric tons. Ultra-large crude oil carriers, or ULCCs, i m sorry weigh approximately 550,000 deadweight tons, can bring up to 4 million barrels (source).

Barrels and also Drums every Metric Ton

In comparison to the American share Exchange, which actions oil in barrels, the European share Exchange reports the volume that oil in metric tons. If you recognize the API gravity of the oil carried, you deserve to calculate the stormy amount that barrels per metric ton. You simply include 131.5 to the API gravity and also divide by the product that 141.5 and also 0.159.

Going back to ours benchmarks, we gain 7.6 barrels per metric ton for West Texas Intermediate, 7.54 barrels for Brent Crude, and also 7.22 barrels because that Dubai Crude. Using 55-gallons drums, we get 5.8, 5.76, and 5.5 for every metric ton, respectively.

For heavy crude oil with an API selection of 25 API come 10, we acquire 6.96 barrels per metric ton come 6.29 barrels every metric ton or 5.31 come 4.80 drums.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the load of a gallon that oil is straight dependant top top its grade together measured by the oil’s API gravity. The higher the oil’s API gravity, the lighter the oil is, and the higher its worth is. Lighter oils produce higher levels of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, i m sorry is why lock command together a high price.

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While the threshold standards in between light, medium, and also heavy crude vary widely, established by the Louisiana DNR is one of the most generally cited. On average, a gallon that extra irradiate crude will certainly weigh 6.65 lbs/US gal, irradiate crude 7.03 lbs/US gal, medium crude 7.398 lbs/US gal, heavy crude 8 lbs/US gal, and extra heavy crude will certainly weigh about 8.5 lbs/US gal.