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The typical weight the a warm Wheels toy automobile with plastic wheel is 36.25 grams (1.28 ounces), but it varies from model to model. In ours research, the weight selection can be all over from 34 grams (1.2 ounces) come 82 grams (2.9 ounces).

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To verify this i ordered increase a baking scale and spent the evening measuring and making this handy overview for you. I am naturally attracted to the cars v rubber tires (aka “Real Riders) therefore I had to seize a couple of from my kids’ collection of plastic-wheels hot Wheels.


What is the Lightest warm Wheels Toy automobile that ns Own?

The lightest warm Wheels toy vehicle that I own is a 1996 Porsche Carerra (993) weighing in at 34 grams (or 1.2 ounces), i m sorry is fitting since that’s one of my favorite sporting activities cars in actual life! 

There is fairly a difference between cars with rubber 2-piece wheel (Real Riders wheels) and the typical plastic 1-piece wheels. This is probably because the cars v the 2-piece form are made an ext for adults and collectors that appreciate both metal bases and rubber tires. On mean the actual Riders cars weighed 19.63 grams (0.69 ounces) more than the plastic-wheeled cars.

Hot wheel Toy automobile Weights (The Data)

Below friend will discover the finish dataset that I built up while producing this article. Together I mentioned above some of the data is incomplete since I might not discover the Serial numbers on the basic of the vehicles. If friend have additional data please reach out to me top top Instagram and I’ll be happy to include it come the collection and recalculate to make the an overview data more accurate.

Hot Wheels weight - an introduction Table

Total AverageBMW M3 / M1 with actual Riders49.33 grams1.73 ounces
MedianJaguar Lightweight E-Type with genuine Riders48.00 grams1.65 ounces
HeaviestJaguar bring On82 grams2.9 ounces
Lightest1996 Porsche Carrera (993)34 grams1.2 ounces
Total average (Rubber Tires)Porsche 964
34 grams / 1.2 ounces
36.25 grams1.28 ounces
Median (Rubber)BMW M3 / M1 agree Car52.00 grams1.85 ounces
Median (Plastic)‘84 Audi Quattro
38 grams / 1.3 ounces
36.00 grams1.25 ounces
Summary of the warm Wheels vehicle Weight Data.*** shows a Truck/Transporter

Hot wheel Toy automobile Weight Data

Car Name/ModelWheel TypeSerial NumberWeight in GramsWeight in Ounces (lbs)
Land Rover collection III PickupPlasticFYB54341.2
BMW M3Real Riders511.8
BMW M1 pro CarReal RidersDWH86511.8
Lamborghini Countache speed CarPlasticFJV79391.4
‘84 Audi Quattro SportPlastic381.3
Jaguar Lightweight E-TypeReal Riders451.5
***Jaguar carry OnReal RidersFLV00822.9
1996 Porsche Carrera (993)PlasticFYB71341.2
Alfa Romea Giulia sprint GTAReal RidersDJF51531.9
Porsche 356 OutlawReal Riders411.4
***Volkswagon Transporter T1Real Riders702.5
Porsche 964Real RidersDJF93541.9
Collection of hot Wheels Toy car weight in both Grams and also Ounces along with the serial number, model and wheel type.

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