Who isAshton Kutcher?

Ashton Kutcher is a popular American actor and also producer who caught the spotlight for his portrayal the Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom the ’70s Show. Indigenous there, his television career took turn off which made the reach better heights, many thanks to his charming and also stunning persona. Ashton’s notable acting works incorporate parts in The Butterfly result (2004), What wake up in las vegas (2008), No Strings fastened (2011), Two and also a fifty percent Men (2011–2015), tasks (2013), The Ranch (2016-2020) and many more.

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He is an extremely successful on and off the screen and he has actually invested his hard-earned money in a number of startups. He has additionally been linked with a bunch the television series as executive, management producer.Kutcher was the very first Twitter user to witness 1 million followers in 2009 and also enjoys a significant fan complying with on various social media platforms.


Ashton Kutcher was born ~ above the 7th of February 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United claims of America. The is right now 43 years old.

Birth NameChristopher Ashton Kutcher
NicknameAsh, Kutch, Skank Kutcher
Date the BirthFebruary 7, 1978
Place that BirthCedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.
Age43 years old
Sun SignAquarius
ProfessionActor, Model, Producer, Investor
EthnicityCzech, German, and also Irish

Family and Education

Ashton is the kid of Diane (née Finnegan), a Procter & gamble employee, and Larry M. Kutcher, a factory worker. He has actually an older sister called Tausha and a fraternal twin brother, Michael. He’s obtained Czech root on his father’s side, while his mommy is the Czech, German, and Irish ancestry.

Ashton Kutcher checked out Washington High School, Cedar Rapids. He additional went to clear Creek Amana High college (CCA), Oxford, Iowa because his family moved over there. That was around that time, he got inclined towards acting and also started to appear in college plays for which he got appreciation form his college teachers.

Then, he obtained enrolled at the university of Iowa wherein he took Biochemical engineering as a major. He worked part-time to support his tuition fee. Not long after he winner the“Fresh deals with of Iowa” modeling competition,Kutcher dropped out of college to seek a career in acting.

Ashton Kutcher Wife and also Children

In September 2005, Ashton Kutcher and also actress Demi Moore got married which to be attended by she ex-husband Bruce Willis and also her three children. It to be Moore’s 3rd and Kutcher’s an initial marriage.

After six years into married life, Moore announced her decision to divorce Kutcher and filed for the very same on December 21, 2012. Their divorce was finalized top top November 27, 2013.

Ashton is at this time married to actress Mila Kunis with whom he began dating in April 2012. They came to be engaged in February 2012 and married ~ above July 4, 2015. The pair welcomed their an initial daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher in September 2014 and also son called Dimitri Portwood Kutcher in November 2016.


Physical Statistics

HeightFeet – 6 feet 2½ inchesCentimeters – 189 cmMeters – 1.89 m
WeightKilograms – 80 kgPounds – 176 lbs
Body BuildAthletic
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size11 (US)
Distinctive functions Tall and well-built physique

Professional Statistics

Film Debut

In 1999, that starred in the American romantic comedy movie “Coming Soon” for his role as Louie.

Television Debut

Ashton Kutcher make his tv debut v the American sitcom “That ’70s Show”, playing Michael Kelso, which aired native 1998-2006 and also had 8 seasons.

Famous For

PlayingMichael Kelso in tv series, that ’70s Show and Walden Schmidt in Two and also a fifty percent Men.

Brand Endorsements

Both as a model and also actor,Kutcher has been connected with a variety of brands and products prefer Nikon Cameras, Popchips, Calvin Klein, space clothing, Pizza Hut, nationwide Mentoring Month, to surname a few.

Ashton Kutcher favourite Things

Food – Italian food, specifically pizzaMovies – Forrest Gump (1994), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Scary Movie (2000), Gladiator 2000)Books – wherein the Red Fern grows by Wilson Rawls (1961), many Lives, countless Masters by Brian Weiss, Mutant post Down Under through Marlo MorganBand – The well Machine, Dave Matthews tape (DMB), feet (American absent Band)Accessories – Vintage Belt, covering NecklaceColor – RedSport – FootballSports Team – Chicago BearsSong – The Naked and also Famous (Young Blood)

Ashton Kutcher net Worth

Ashton Kutcher has made an impressive net worth of $200 million. In enhancement to acting,Kutcher’s invest in startups contribute an excellent value to his network worth.He raked in $26 million indigenous 2013 come 2014 many thanks to his work on Two and also a half Men.

Kutcher has actually invested in over 60 companies, the most significant of which include Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb, Path and also Fab.com.He developed an interactive eight of Katalyst called Katalyst Media, through his companion from Katalyst Films, Jason Goldberg.Kutcher has invested in one Italian restaurant, Dolce and a Japanese-themed restaurant named Geisha house with locations in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and brand-new York City.

Ashton along with his household lives in a multi-million dissension Beverly Hills mansion which features all an easy and high-end amenities. He likewise owns a $3.4 million plush mansionin the Hollywood Hills that California through beautiful see on Arrowhead Drive, i m sorry he offered in 2011.

Ashton Kutcher has actually a big fleet the exotic cars and also bikes including a Ferrari California, a Navistar CXT, a Fisker Karma, a Lexus LS Hybrid, and also a Harley Davidson motorcycle. In addition to his comprehensive collection the autos, he additionally owns $2 million worth of cell phone Home.

This high-end caravan boasts 53 ft in length and is 13 ft 6 inches high once closed and 17 feet once opened, and also weighs in the ar of 70 tones. It has actually a total an are of approximately 1100 sq ft, of which 603 sq ft room is ~ above the main reduced deck and 340 sq ft ~ above the top retractable floor.


Ashton Kutcher Facts

At the high school, he was caught red-hand as soon as attempting to steal moneyfrom clear Creek Amana High School. As a an outcome of the crime he committed, the was given a third-degree and was sentenced to 3 year probation and also 180 hrs of social service.

In 2007, Ashton was voted as one of the Sexiest guys Alive in People’s Magazine.

On march 23, 2011, Kutcher introduced his very own Twitter client with UberMedia dubbed A.plus.

In April 2012, Kutcher ended up being the 500th paying customer to authorize up to ride Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.

Ashton Kutcher got widespread criticism for his illustration in a Popchips advertisement campaign in may 2012.

In 2013, he appeared in ‘Jobs’, which to be a biographical map out of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of apple Inc.

In 2013, Lenovo recruited him as a Product technician whose job is to market the Yoga line of tablet computers by giving inputs in design, specifications software, and usage scenarios.

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He’s trained in the martial arts Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also holds a violet belt under Rigan Machado.