My friend's PS3 damaged so I'm sending out him mine PS3 The last of us bundle that i got exclusively to play The last of us as I'm mostly a Xbox guy. I'm looking for shipping advice top top best method to package (can I simply put the box it came in right into a box?) and best (safest + cheapest) shipping company (USPS, UPS, FedEx). I'm simply shipping it within the state (AZ). Likewise curious, is the PS3 in the bundle a at sight Slim? Thanks.

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Pack and also ship professional chiming in.

Make certain there aren't any type of discs in the system. Movement throughout shipping can really chaos up the game and also the system.

There space two means to go around doing this: within the retail box, and outside of the sleeve box.

Inside the retail box:

Make sure everything is secure and also can not relocate one iota. Fill package with record or anything else that will turn the box right into one hard block that doesn't cave in nor enable for loosened items to shake about inside of it.

Tape the sucker up yes, really well with pressure - sensitive packing tape. Tape every seams so as not to allow any possible moisture inside.

Find or purchase a strong, unbent/crushed (preferably new) corrugated shipping crate that is approximately 3-5 inches bigger 보다 your sleeve box in every dimension. For example: If your retail box is 15x10x7, you'll want a crate that's in ~ the an extremely least 18x13x10.

Give the shipping crate a decent bottom-layer that filler paper/bags/whatever.

Place retail box on optimal of class of filler inside shipping box.

Add proper amounts of filler about the sides and on optimal of the retail box, so regarding make the outer shipping crate one solid block that doesn't enable for any movement.

H-Tape (down the center & sheathe the seams) the shipping box with push - perceptible packing tape. The is an important that you execute NOT substitute suitable packing tape with masking, duct, scotch, or any type of other type of ice cream (although scotch does do a ideal packing tape). This is more vital for the shipping box 보다 the retail box.

Test the box. Shiver it. Hear any kind of movement? Add an ext filler. Press down top top the optimal of the box. Does it open up under the tape? Add much more filler. Does the box actually bending or bulge the end on the sides? obtain a brand-new box entirely.

It's prepared to it is in shipped!

Outside that the sleeve box:

Wrap the device in a 4-6-inch-thick cushion of bubble wrap. Use the big bubbles together opposed come the tiny bubbles, and make sure the really bubbled next is on the inside of your wrap job. One point that helps make it less complicated is take it a lengthy line that thick balloon wrap, location the system on top of it, and wrap/roll the mechanism in a straight line. Then develop 4-6-inch-thick cushions to make up for the exposed components of the device on the political parties of your wrap job and simply ice the cushions on. Don't it is in modest v the balloon wrap. If it appears you require more, get an ext and use it.

Test her wrap job. Provide it a an excellent feel-around. Have the right to you feel the system or anything other than just bubble wrap in any spots? If so, add an ext bubble wrap as touch-up in those problem spots. If you can't feel anything v the balloon wrap, you're an ext than likely golden.

Follow "Inside retail box" instructions over and just substitute "retail box" through "wrapped PS3".

FedEx will guarantee your shipment. Ship FedEx soil if there's no hurry. FedEx Ground gives you a date-specific (but not time-specific) guarantee v tracking.

UPS? If it's brown, do the washing up it down. ;)

USPS is a much cheaper different and i can't error anyone for making use of them simply for their very cheap rates. Simply keep in mind the you obtain what you pay for, and a insurance is not had with that. God-forbid you ever before have to address their customer advocate team. Use them together a last resort only, and also even then dual and triple weigh your options.

Protip: You can make bigger boxes smaller sized by scoring a straight line roughly the political parties of the box and cutting increase from the scored line on each corner. You have the right to then fold the reduced pieces down the scored heat as expanded flaps. In some instances you have the right to trim the flaps come decrease weight. If you carry out go this route, usage a little extra tape together this technique usually boosts tension ~ above the tape. Just don't go also small.

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It's ideal to overpack 보다 underpack once it comes to fragile items. If girlfriend don't care if that breaks, don't bother spending the money to ship it.