It’s no secret. The fastest means to acquire a beautiful, green lawn as soon as you start from scrape is to lay under some sod. Choosing sod end planting grass particle is lot easier, and also will provide an immediate lawn, yet it also adds more an obstacle to the process. When most world schedule distribution of their sod, you might be asking yourself how much go a pallet the sod weigh, and can my pickup or trailer handle the weight?

I’ll price those concerns and much more in this post to define whether choose up your sod is worth it.

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One benefit to starting a new lawn native seed is that you don’t have to worry around how girlfriend will acquire bags of grass particle home.

Just toss that in the earlier seat!

Buying sod is a various story, and also most homeowners who setup to put sod in your yard favor to just gain their brand-new turf delivered.

With that said, if you have a big truck or heavy duty trailer, girlfriend may have the ability to save some cash top top delivery and also pick increase your very own pallet the sod.

But just how much will certainly it weigh?

Here’s what you have to know around how lot a pallet of sod weighs, what size pallet sod come on, etc.

Pallet Sizes

The an initial thing you need to know is the pallets come in different sizes, and that those sizes influence the weight.


And sod comes in miscellaneous sizes and shapes as well, one more factor i m sorry will adjust how lot a pallet that sod weighs.

Most pallets hold 400 – 500 square feet the sod. However, some pallets containing large rolls can hold 600 – 700 square feet.

Naturally, the load of the pallet relies on just how much sod it holds, so be sure to ask about this when purchasing her sod.

But various other factors influence the weight of a sod pallet, too.

What else Affects the load of a Sod Pallet?

The form of wood used in the pallet is not a large factor, however it does impact weight.The amount of soil attached come the sod (thickness) is far-reaching in determining your pallet’s weight. It is desirable to have actually a hefty amount of dust on her sod slabs. More soil means faster, healthy growth, yet it also way each role of sod will certainly be heavier. Sod demands to remain moist to stay alive, and also this moisture adds weight. Again, it is an excellent to have actually a quite hydrated pallet the sod, yet water will add up come 50% much more weight, so save this in mind. 

So, just how Much go the mean Pallet of Sod Weigh?

A kind all-around average load for a pallet the sod is around 2,000 pounds. For larger sized pallets and also sod orders which contain thicker rolls of sod and the soil is greater in moisture, the weight deserve to increase all the means up come 3,000 pounds.

It’s necessary to take it the over factors into account. And also I always recommended the you contact your retailer to get an exact weight prior to heading come the keep to pick up her sod pallet(s).

Pallet sizes by Location


Size of Sod Pallets in southern United States

In the southern US, retailers offer sod in slabs.

Slabs that sod are usually 16″ x 24″ and cover 2.66 square feet, yet this might vary.

It is vital to understand the price every square foot and also how numerous square feet space on a pallet due to the fact that pallet sizes range from 400 sq. Feet come 500 sq. Feet. Girlfriend should constantly ask her retailer for this certain information before placing your sod order.

Size of Sod Pallets in northern United States

In colder climates such as the Northeastern US, top Midwest, and also the Pacific Northwest, sod is typically sold in mini hand roll or huge rolls.

A common mini hand role is 40” x 18” and also covers 5 sq. Feet. There room 80 rolls on a 400 sq. Foot pallet; 90 rolls on a 450 sq. Foot pallet; and also 100 roll on a 500 sq. Foot pallet.

Large rolls typically come in 2 sizes: 60” x 24” or 80” x 18”. Both dimensions cover 10 sq. Feet. Many sod farms and also retailers sell big rolls in 500, 600, and 700 sq. Foot pallets.

Again, name: coordinates the amount you need and the price every sq. Foot v the seller.

After determining how much sod you need for your project, you can clarify an approximate weight of your sod pallets with the retailer.

This will allow you to see if her truck or trailer deserve to handle the weight, and if you’d have to make lot of trips you have the right to decide if the hassle is precious it, or if you’d fairly pay for the convenience the delivery.

Can My van or Trailer handle the weight of mine Sod Pallet?

If you arrangement to gain your pallet in your pick-up van or v a trailer, this guidelines will assist make sure you don’t have any issues getting your turf home.


A three-quarter-ton truck is the minimum for hauling a pallet the sod.A full one-ton pick-up is recommended because that pallets weighting over the mean 2,000 pounds.A one-half-ton truck have the right to hold a half-pallet the sod.If girlfriend buy 2 pallets the sod, friend will require at least a tandem-axle trailer. Your tandem-axle trailer should have actually a minimum of 4 tires.Three pallets of sod will call for a goose-neck trailer v two 6,000 – 7,000-pound axles and trailer breaks.

With that info in mind, you’ll easily see the for everything however the smallest jobs, it’s likely in your best interest to arrange to have actually your sod ceded to the job site.

Should I obtain My Sod Delivered?

If choose up a pallet that sod yourself sounds choose a huge hassle, or you do not have the means, shipment is a viable option, and also it’s what many people choose to do as soon as purchasing sod.

Remember, as soon as you pick-up in ~ the store, friend will many likely have actually store personnel help load it. Unloading by yourself, could not it is in so easy.

If you do arrangement to pick up your very own sod, have some friends all set to help you put it at the task site (pizza and beer are good motivators).

Renting tools to pick Up Sod

If you room going to have to rent devices to pick-up sod, you need to look into delivery.

The reality is the if you’re renting a van or trailer, then you’re more than likely not saving much money, and you’re definitely wasting time when contrasted to scheduling delivery of her sod.

Some stores and sod retailers offer cost-free delivery, but you need to adhere to their timeline.

Most sod retailers the advertise totally free delivery are 10 – 15 days out from the moment you order.

That’s a far-ranging chunk of time that your lawn continues to be bare (and it’s one of the major reasons world like to pick up their very own sod).

Hiring the experts for her Sod Job

If her sod task is transforming into a big headache, take into consideration hiring a experienced lawn company for the job.

It will certainly take all the hassle and worry the end of gaining that perfect eco-friendly lawn you desire.

Installing sod is easy, and also much cheaper 보다 hiring professionals, yet you avoid the bother of pick-up and also the difficult labor.


A expert lawn company’s product and service will additionally come through some type of guarantee, which is likely not the instance for weekend warriors.

You’ll also probably wind up with a much better installation by trusting your job to the pros.

If her sod demands some pampering after they place it, castle will perform what it takes to make your new lawn thrive.

And if for part reason, your sod doesn’t take and also dies, they need to replace it.

When you think v your sod project, keep these point out in mind. For countless people, rental a regional lawn company might it is in the best option.

How lot Does a Pallet the Sod Weigh? it Depends

Every homeowner that desires a lush, eco-friendly lawn in document time need to purchase sod.


The inquiries most world have surround what form of turf to buy, and also what is the best means to gain those sod pallets to your task site.

You absolutely have to understand exactly how much a pallet the sod weighs prior to you toss that in the bed of your pickup. Countless standard van won’t have the ability to support the load.

Several factors affect the weight of a pallet that sod, therefore my best advice is to call the retailer because that the specifically, of your delivery. They have the right to go over everything you require to recognize to haul your order residence safely.

If you decision to leaving it come the professionals, most of your tension will disappear, yet some the your tough earned cash will certainly go through it.

What’s many important, however, is you finish up through a healthy, eco-friendly lawn you have the right to enjoy and also be proud of transparent the farming season.

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And make sure you check out my finish guide to laying sod prior to you begin laying your new turf.