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May 30, 1964



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Who is Wynonna Judd?


Wynonna Judd, simply known as Wynonna by fans, is a multi compensation winner and also “hitmaker” whose name has become synonymous with country music.

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Early Accomplishments

She discovered her talent the singing when she was 12 and began singing through her mother. She also got a etc for Christmas and also learned exactly how to play that soon.

She began to sing professionally in ~ 19 v her mother, earning their very first No. 1 spot v their second song, Mama he is Crazy in 1984.

Best known For

After the astounding success with The Judds for 8 years, she started a solo career in 1992, she debut album, Wynonna featured 5 No. 1 hits and went on come hit RIAA-certified 5x platinum status. Some of her well-known songs are She Is His only Need, I witnessed the Light and No One rather On Earth.

Sexual Orientation

Wynonna is straight. She date Arch Kelley III native 1993 and married the in 1996 but divorced 2 year later. She married she ex-bodyguard, D.R. Roach in 2003 but split in 2007, 5 job after he was arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year old girl. In 2012, she married Cactus Moser after dating for 3 years. 


Born as Christina Ciminella, she is the child of Charles Jordan and also Naomi Judd but was adopted by Michael Ciminella and regards him together dad. V Kelley, she is a mommy of 2; child Elijah (born 1994) and also daughter elegant (born 1998).


Wynonna is a practicing Christian that never stops working to use her music together a device to express she love for God and His love for her.

Worth to Know

Pursuing various other passions, she published her book, Coming home to Myself – A Memoir in 2005.

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She showed up in 2 episodes of touch by an angel in 1998 and also 2003 and in a 2005 illustration of hope & Faith.