Is your air conditioning unit not cooling choose it provided to? have you included Freon before and not certain if it makes sense toadd more or think about a new system?

To start, it help to learn an ext about Freon and also what it way when Freon requirements to be included to store your house comfortable.

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Freon is actually a trade name because that refrigerants, and also all wait conditioners need refrigerants come work. Refrigerants, favor Freon, are included within the coils that the AC unit to cool and dehumidify indoor air. Freon is continually circulated roughly the system and doesn"t just gain low or must be changed at constant intervals.

The just time Freon escapes is when there is a leak in her system. As the levels obtain lower over there isn’t sufficient refrigerant to cool your home which deserve to make you, and your family, uncomfortable and cranky.

If your system has a leak don"t add more refrigerant without having actually a skilled identify the resource of the leak and also determine wherein it is coming from.

Cost of Freon

While less expensive 보다 replacing your whole AC system, Freon isn"t cheap. Most AC units hold 4 to 6 lbs that Freon, and also depending ~ above the type of refrigerant, a pound of Freon might cost in between $65 - $85 and also up come $150 per pound for R-22 which is gift phased out as part of the Clean waiting Act. So adding a couple of pounds the Freon there is no finding out why that is leaking have the right to be a costly mistake. Leaking refrigerants not only take a toll on her comfort and also your wallet, however on the environment, so preventing the source of the leak is important.

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If her HVAC system is several years old and also is leaking, or the leaks are acquiring worse, it is only a issue of time before the mechanism will have to be replaced. When weighing the cost of adding Freon or instead of the whole unit, numerous homeowner’s decide the cost of Freon is worth it if they have the right to get an additional year or two out the the system.

If you suspect a Freon leak contact us to make an meeting for a Howell’s HVAC expert to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution prior to the hot Richmond summer arrives, or read more about our Comfort club to keep your system running the best. Whether you need us for AC installation or maintenance in Ashland or want us to repair her AC almost everywhere else in Richmond or the surrounding areas, we"re at her service!