Liberty V Nickel value By Date

Mint state and an essential date provided Liberty V Nickel values is for graded, certified and also authenticated coins in PCGS or NGC holders. The remainder are a sample of raw coin sell but this is not a guarantee her coin v the same date, mint, grade and also holder will offer for this exact value.

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 $5 Mill+

Liberty V Nickel value Facts:

Date – Mint Rarity:

1885 (starts in ~ $400) is the an essential date the this collection and followed closely by the 1886 (value starts at $200) and 1912-S (value starts at $140) and the semi-key dates are the 1883 v CENTS, 1888, 1894 and 1912-D and they start in worth from $15 to $20. The exemption is the 1912-D, it’s beginning value is under $10 however rises quick as the great increases.

Common day Liberty V Nickel value begins at .50 for any date after ~ 1899; since 1900 through 1912 (without a mint mark) room the highest mintage years. Friend can get $1 and also up for common dates prior to 1899, but any kind of coin that’s exceptionally worn or partial and no date will realize less premium. Nick-A-Date (acid date) coins space devalued tremendously also if they’re dated 1885.

Grade – Condition:

Liberty V Nickel worth in G4 (Good) counts on the date’s mintage and they start at .50 to a $1, yet most examples will be discovered in lesser qualities of AG3 (About Good) and even PO1 (Poor) FR2 (Fair) and are worth much less than .50 cents.

Key dates are precious much more but if you can find them v at the very least the last 2 digits clearly shows or don’t care around an acid date example then you can find a kind bargain. The dates 1909 and also 1912-D run in value for AU (about uncirculated) and the crucial dates 1885 and 1912-S room worth over $1,500 in AU and with the exception of 1886 and also 1885, many dates before 1900 is precious at the very least $100 in that grade.

Dates ~ 1900, except for the much better dates previously mentioned, room worth an median of $60 in the around uncirculated grades. All dates are precious at least $100 in ms (Mint State) grades and anything in MS65 or far better is worth number of hundred and up to hundreds of dollars.

Each date has a proof version and also they’re worth numerous hundred dollars and up and also the 1913 is rarely with just 5 known and also it’s worth upward of 4.5 million dollars.

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Liberty V Nickel G4


Not much in the method of renowned varieties but there’s still some an useful varieties to look for; for this reason look because that repunched dates (RPD) and also doubled dies reverse (DDR).