The 1923 one dollar silver- certificates room the most typical of the huge silver certificates. They room old, yet they aren"t that valuable because millions were printed and many civilization saved them. 10s of thousands of them are still in existence.

These silver certificates have actually a blue seal. If your note has actually a red seal climate it"s no a silver certificate, it would certainly actually be a 1923 one dollar legal soft note.

There room three different signature combinations because that this series. The typical ones space Speelman and White, adhered to by Woods and White. The signature combination of Woods and also Tate is the rarest, return it"s still relatively common.

This invoice is sometimes referred to as "horse blanket" as result of its size. But the 1923 keep in mind is not the only bill to be called horse blanket, as it"s a term provided to explain any big bill. The term horse blanket refers to the invoice being huge enough come cover the back of a horse. The 1923 notes and also other huge currency note are about 25% bigger than the existing US receipt in circulation.



Denomination:$1.00 U.S. Dollar
Type:Silver Certificate
Note Size:Large
Portrait:George Washington
Signature Varieties:3

How much Is her Bill Worth?

The worth of these silver- certificates will count on the signature selection and the condition.

Bills signed by either Speelman and White or Woods and also White are much less valuable. Bills v either of this signature combinations are worth about $37.50 in very great condition. In really fine condition the value is roughly $53. In incredibly fine condition the value is approximately $73. Uncirculated bills v a grade of multiple sclerosis 63 can sell for about $165.

Bills signed by Woods and Tate are more valuable. These bills room each worth approximately $90 in very good condition. In very fine problem the value is approximately $250. In incredibly fine problem the worth is approximately $365. Uncirculated bills v a grade of ms 63 can sell for roughly $625.

There are other components that can make your note more valuable. Because that example, your note will be an ext valuable if it has either a low serial number or a block serial number.

There are likewise star notes, which room slightly an ext rare. Star notes are replacement notes that have actually a star symbol either before or after the serial number. This notes are an ext valuable yet there are still plenty of 1923 one dollar silver certificate star notes.

Note: valuable bills have to be put inside large-size money holders.

Grading System

Very good- A circulated note that has significant wear to it. There could be one or 2 tears on the leaf of the note. The note may be discolored, dark in appearance, or limp.

Very fine- A keep in mind that has been in circulation however not because that a lengthy time. The keep in mind is still relatively crisp. There may be part creases, folds, or irradiate smudges.

Extremely fine- A keep in mind that shows little signs the having been in circulation. The note will be bright and it will have actually almost every one of its original crispness. There might be one or 2 minor creases or folds however there space no stains, discolorations, or tears.

MS 63 selection uncirculated- A note that mirrors no indicators of ever having been in circulation. The note still has actually its original crispness.

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The keep in mind is additionally well-centered.