Your 1957 quarter worth starts a $3.89 each. This minimum price is since of the huge silver content in old quarters.



If you find your coin is in "Uncirculated" condition it is now worth a premium.

Two mints developed Washington soldier in 1957, Denver and Philadelphia, both valued approximately the same.

Condition is key to worth differences and desirability that Washington quarters. You can obtain an idea of wherein your coin is on the value chart by compare its condition to the "Grading" images below.

The surrounding image is a very nice uncirculated quarter, any collector would certainly gladly include to their collection, likewise it is the type of coin a dealer would certainly pay extra for. That is always feasible your 1957 quarter is precious more.

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The coin worth chart breaks the prices down by date, mintmark and also state that preservation.

The "1957-D" is a quarter produced by the Denver mint in 1957 and also values are provided in four various "Grades." how to grade her coins is extended below.

1957 quarter Value climbing With Condition

The quarter images below each represent various levels of desirability to a collector. Indigenous the most desirable "Uncirculated" grade come the the very least desirable, "Good" condition.

The grading descriptions define what to research as you referee the problem of your quarters.

Accurate 1957 quarter value depends upon a mindful study the grade. This procedure is understandably among the hardest to acquire correct, particularly when big dollar amounts are in ~ stake.


Uncirculated: Untouched because being minted and no wear top top its surfaces, a 4 minutes 1 in this condition is avidly search by collectors and also dealers. Admittedly couple of survive this nice. The height grade in both quality and also value, requires close check to confirm. Examine the greatest points the design and also the fine details for evidence of wear. The is many noticeable together a dulling of the surface and also breaks in the mint luster.


Extremely Fine: Still sharply identified with abundant detail remaining. Research the high points of the hair, curls above the ear, including the cheek and also neck line because that minimum wear. The coin have to standout from the rest as plainly detailed.


Fine: Still a respectable coin despite moderate wear. The hair and also curls now display only major details. The neck and also chin room worn come the point of merging. But the rim and date are plainly separated.

Good: All the crucial details display but an extremely flattened by wear. The tops of the letters have started to merge right into the rim. A 1957 quarter in this problem is worth the underlying silver bullion value.

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Washington quarters Value

It is true most of the circulated Washington quarters value is directly tied to silver. However, a small number of rare dates and mints space worth a premium. Every the worries are detailed with their values on this page. Find how lot your quarters room worth.

More 4 minutes 1 Values

Including more relating to her 1957 quarter value. Easily find how lot your old coins room worth.

From Bust soldier to sit Liberty, Barber, was standing Liberty and Washington quarters. All collection include Grading images to judge the problem of your coins and coin value charts.

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In-Depth StudyGrading Washington QuartersHow to video clip | Close-Up images | Descriptions

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all old us coin values. It is fantastic index v images and text web links to every coin series, from cent to Gold. Important grading photos alongside coin worth charts find how lot your crate of old coins space worth.

High Auction worth for Quality

An "Uncirculated" 4 minutes 1 is a coin v no wear come its surfaces. A superb gem "Uncirculated" Washington quarter is of the top quality with no wear, but likewise no call marks or abrasions and has stunning eye appeal.

Such a gem to be auctioned at an internet sale by heritage Auction Galleries. The winning bid for this 1957 quarter was $230.

An example of careful handling and preservation setting brand-new standards because that the worth of a 1957 quarter.

If her coins were put away long ago and untouched, her 1957 quarter is precious a 2nd look.