Pulled pork refers to the tender meat native a pork shoulder cut and also can quickly be traction apart from the roast with your finger or a fork.

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Pulled pork is split into 2 parts: one is the butt end and also the other is the shank end. Through butt, the does not literally average the actual target of the pig. Rather, the is so-called the “butt” portion because it is that section located in the rear finish of the shoulder. World often prefer this component because it has actually fewer bones and less connective tissue. The shank portion, top top the other hand, has actually this name due to the fact that of that is shank bone. Return it provides delicious traction pork, girlfriend can notice that the shank component has a various texture and also contains much more connective tissue. This renders the pulled pork tougher and harder come chew.

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How much does traction pork cost per pound?

On average, the price of pulled pork will count on exactly how you desire to acquisition it. If you want to purchase a “tub” or “can” that it at your regional grocery store, climate the expenses can selection from $4 come $10 per 16 come 24-ounce container. The prices of processed pulled pork will rely on the brand, the quantity and also where you acquisition it.

Harvest Creek pulled pork, a well-known brand found on Amazon, for example, costs around $5 per 12-ounce can.

For example, in ~ Walmart, a 16-ounce parcel of Jack Daniel’s pulled pork with Jack Daniel’s barbeque sauce retailed for $7, when a smaller sized 18-ounce container the Lloyd’s shredded original BBQ traction pork retails because that $4. Renowned brands, aside from Jack Daniel’s and also Lloyd’s, consists of Curly’s, sphere Park, Byron’s, Tony Roma’s, Morningstar Farms and Swanson’s. While most of these containers are uncovered in the refrigerated section, some brands together as ball Park have actually frozen options available.

At Gordon’s Food Service, a five-pound tray of BBQ pulled pork will price close to $20 come $25.

As because that purchasing pulled pork currently spiced and also prepped at a restaurant, supplier or butcher can expense anywhere native $7 come $15 every pound.

Dickie Do’s, a BBQ caterer located in north Carolina, provides an main pricing list on its website. Follow to the prices, if you to be to acquisition their ready pulled pork through the pound, it would expense $8.49 per pound, yet if you to be to buy an ext than seven pounds, the price would certainly drop come $7.49 per pound. If you to be to want to include three sides through the traction pork, climate they would start the pricing at $10 every person.

Ruby’s BBQ, another caterer we found online, is based in Texas and charged a bit higher than many other BBQ caterers in ~ $17.95 per pound.

Pulled pork overview

Pulled pork is the fatty, flavorful meat, commonly made through the pork shoulder, which is oftentimes referred to as the pork target or the Boston shoulder. To produce pulled pork, the shoulder will certainly be smoked end a low heat for a long period of time, successfully softening the connective tissue, making the so tender that it falls apart with ease. While many of the time, it’s smoked, the can additionally be braised in the cooktop or ready in a crockpot.

Tips to know:

One pound prepared, top top average, have to serve around four to six people. Just how much pulled pork per person, you may be wondering? specialists recommend one-half lb per life weight uneven the group is lot hungrier 보다 usual.

Pulled pork is paired well v BBQ sauce, cole slaw or also in a difficult shell taco shell. As soon as paired through onions, beans and cilantro, it’s claimed to make some lovely cuisine.

The finest store bought pulled pork, follow to the Tampa only Times, to be Sweeet baby Ray’s, which score a 67 the end of 100. Lloyd’s come in a close second, complied with by Curly’s and also the Publix brand.

How can I conserve money?

If you’re purchasing indigenous a neighborhood butcher or caterer, many will autumn the price by $1 come $2 per lb if girlfriend buy an ext than 10 pounds at a time. The same have the right to be said around purchasing traction pork in a container. In ~ Sam’s Club, because that example, the prices of a 64-ounce container retails for about $13.

The brand mentioned over often offer coupons either online or in the local paper. Search online prior to shopping to watch if you can save a few dollars.

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