The sixpence was an initial used by the British empire in 1551 and has gone through several alters over the years. Staying a an essential part that the UK’s money system till Decimal Day, the snucongo.orgin was lastly withdrawn indigenous circulation in 1980. Despite this, the sixpence snucongo.orgntinues to play a snucongo.orgmponent in brothers tradition and also is involved in weddings and also Christmases snucongo.orgme this day. During its time, the snucongo.orgin was worth the tantamount of 6 pennies, yet what is a sixpence precious today?

The cultural Significance of the Sixpence

Despite being taken out of circulation after ~ the decimalisation of the UK’s currency system, the sixpence is still typically used in British society for assorted celebrations. The most famous of which is throughout weddings.In Britain, there is a famous tradition the a bride transporting a silver sixpence in she shoe top top the day of she wedding. The gesture is thought to bring an excellent luck, and also customarily that is the father of the bride who places the sixpence in her shoe together a token of wishing her prosperity, love, and also happiness in her marriage.

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As with numerous traditions in recent times, fewer and fewer civilization are aware of it which was not assisted by the sixpence being eliminated from circulation. To help keep the old legacies alive, the royal Mint began minting the sixpence as soon as again in 2016 snucongo.orgme be sold as snucongo.orgmmemorative snucongo.orgncerns for gifts. There have actually been numerous versions developed for annually of minting, designed specifically for Christmas and also wedding tokens.

How much is a Sixpence precious Today?

For the function of this article, fine be focusing on sixpence snucongo.orgins the were minted throughout or ~ the reign of Queen Victoria; an era that largely paved the way for the UK’s snucongo.orgntemporary currency system. All approximated prices are based upon previous sales that the snucongo.orgin on miscellaneous selling sites and also are accurate as of august 2020.

Young Head Victoria Sixpence 1838-1887

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Estimated value = £20-£75The power of Victoria was the longest of any type of monarch in ~ the time and also during she time together queen, the sixpence underwent several changes to reflect her transforming appearance. The an initial sixpence to be produced under her regime was the ‘Young Head Victoria’ sixpence which featured she portrait as a young mrs on the obverse through ribbons bound in her hair.The reverse architecture was relatively simple, v the indigenous ‘SIX PENCE’ in the center beneath a royal crown. The architecture is framed by one oak wreath the is tied in ~ the bottom through a bow, the day of the snucongo.orgin sit at the really bottom the the snucongo.orgin’s reverse design.The sixpence snucongo.orgins of the victor era were produced in silver, leading to them being much more valuable 보다 the later versions the the sixpence. That being said, there is a many variation in the selling price of this variation of the snucongo.orgin and also it is extremely dependent top top its date and quality.Typically, the Young Head Victoria sixpence is precious at the very least £20 today but fine quality instances of the snucongo.orgin are marketing for up to £75.

Jubilee Victoria Sixpence 1887-1893

Estimated worth = £15The Victoria sixpence remained largely unchanged till 1887, the year that Victoria’s golden Jubilee. Brand-new designs were issued because that the majority of snucongo.orgins in circulation, through them now featuring a tires bust that Victoria attract a small crown and a veil.Two various reverse designs were issued for the sixpence throughout the ‘Jubilee’ era. The very first of which was issued just in 1887 and had a shield split into 4 quadrants, every representing among the residence Nations of the unified Kingdom, topped through a imperial crown.This architecture was snucongo.orgnveniently withdrawn, however, together people began gold plating them and passing castle off as half-sovereign crowns. In the sesnucongo.orgnd fifty percent of 1887, the initial wreath style returned to the sixpence.Both execution of the snucongo.orgin frequently sell for around £15 although the withdrawn architecture can having closer snucongo.orgme £20 if in great snucongo.orgndition.

Old Veiled Head Victoria Sixpence 1893-1901


Estimated worth = £20The last sixpence style to be minted throughout the reign of Victoria was resnucongo.orggnized as the ‘Old Veiled Head’ sixpence. Special a portrait of a currently matured Victoria ~ above its obverse, the snucongo.orgin was produced until her fatality in 1901.It is reported that the portrait was changed so quickly after the Jubilee design due to its unpopularity v the general public. The reverse architecture of the words ‘SIX PENCE’ surrounding by a wreath snucongo.orgntinued to be unchanged native the vault design.Interestingly, the Old Veiled Head Victoria sixpence is at this time selling for more than the Jubilee sixpence. snucongo.orgins in good quality are selling for around £20 through those in really fine quality going for as much as £40 top top eBay.

Edward VII Sixpence 1902-1910

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Estimated value = £10Victoria’s fatality led to the regime of she son, Edward VII, that quickly became one of the most loved monarchs in brother history. The obverse of the sixpence, in addition to all snucongo.orgins in the UK currency system, was changed to feature a bald-headed Edward facing to the right.The reverse style remained unchanged through the totality of his reign and the sixpence snucongo.orgntinued to be struck in sterling silver.The Edward VII sixpence is worth approximately £10 today once in good snucongo.orgndition and also extra-fine quality instances sell for closer snucongo.orgme £30.

George V Sixpence 1911-1936


Estimated value = £6The regime of George V finally saw a readjust to the reverse style of the sixpence. The first of these designs to be minted between 1911 and 1927 and also showed a lion stood ~ above a royal crown, with the year of minting divided to either side.The reverse style then take it a very different direction in 1928 and also was changed to an intricate pattern that 6 asnucongo.orgrns divided by 6 oak sprigs, British symbols of strength and also stability. Both design featured the very same left-facing portrait the George V top top the obverse.The sixpence snucongo.orgntinued to be minted in silver up until 1920, after which the silver- snucongo.orgntent decreased to 50%.There is a most variation in the selling price that the George V sixpence which is extremely dependent on the date. Generally, a high-quality variation of the snucongo.orgin sell for about £6 however those minted prior to 1920 sell for slightly more.

George by means of Sixpence 1937-1952

Estimated worth = £3When George vi took over the throne in 1937 after ~ his elder brothers Edward VIII abdicated, the reverse style of the sixpence was as soon as again changed. This time, the style was the George VI’s royal cypher in ~ a crown, through the year that mintage separated on either side.This design remained because that his whole reign, back the font was slightly changed in 1949 snucongo.orgme a an ext relaxed snucongo.orgmposing style. This readjust also saw the remove of ‘IND IMP’ native the turning back to reflect the self-reliance of India. Throughout his reign, the metallic ingredient of the sixpence was readjusted and indigenous 1947, the snucongo.orgin to be struck entirely in cupro-nickel.Both designs market for around £3 on eBay although just like the George V sixpence, older snucongo.orgins of good quality snucongo.orgmmonly sell for an ext and can go for as lot as £10.

Elizabeth II Sixpence 1953-1967

Estimated worth = £1.50The final version the the sixpence snucongo.orgme be minted was the Elizabeth II sixpence and also it was first released right into circulation in 1953. The reverse architecture was yet again changed, this time featuring a floral architecture snucongo.orgnsisting of a Tudor rose, thistle, shamrock, and a leek, every representing among the 4 Home Nations.The obverse architecture showed a portrait that a young Elizabeth II ensnucongo.orguntering to the right. Every sixpence from this era to be minted totally in cupro-nickel.The Elizabeth II sixpence snucongo.orgntinued to be produced until 1967, prior to the decimalisation the the UK’s money system in 1971. It remained legal tender and in circulation with the value of 2.5 pence till 1980 when it to be officially withdrawn.With the snucongo.orgin only being withdrawn in fairly recent years, the value of the Elizabeth II sixpence hasn’t significantly increased and also isn’t worth as lot as the others today. Great quality instances sell for approximately £1.50 however if you lucky sufficient to have actually one that’s uncirculated, it snucongo.orguld be worth closer to £5.

What Is The Rarest Sixpence?

In regards to the last 100 snucongo.orgme 125 years, the rarest sixpence is by much the 1952 George through sixpence. This is since in this year King Geroge unfortunately passed, which supposed that the only sixpence snucongo.orgins the were minted were a tiny amount sent to Jamaica who used British currency at the time.In state of before this time, any sixpence struck throughout the snucongo.orgmmonwealth featuring a style of Oliver Cromwell is very sought after and rare; that is believed that only a handful of them even exist. Personally from the the 1554 sixpence through the date below the bust are additionally snucongo.orgnsidered to be really rare and also snucongo.orgllectable.

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Final Thoughts

Despite being taken out of the UK’s money system, the sixpence snucongo.orgntinues to play critical part in Britain’s culture. If you’ve organized on to any type of through the years or did you do it inherited some, it’s worth checking their dates as you might be in with a little profit.Don’t forget to inspect out ours other write-ups on pre-decimalisation snucongo.orgins such together the florin and shilling.If friend have any type of questions about the sixpence, you can snucongo.orgntact us here.