Here space the answer the just how much transmission liquid does a 4160e hold and other essential answer to some of a few relevant question around 4160e and also Transmission.

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What is 4l60e means?

The 4L60E (and the associated 4L65E) is a collection of basic Motors automatic transmissions. The collection includes 4 front gears and 1 reverse gear, designed because that longitudinal engine configurations.

What vehicles use the 4l60e transmission?

Cadillac EscaladeGMC Canyon, 2004-2012Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, 1994-2005
Cadillac Escalade EXTGMC Envoy, 2003-2009Chevrolet Camaro, 1994–2001
Chevrolet Corvette, 2005 onlyGMC Jimmy, 1993-2005Chevrolet Caprice, 1994-1996
Chevrolet Silverado SSGMC Safari, 1993-2005Chevrolet C/K, 1993-2000
GMC Sierra DenaliGMC Savana, 2003-2013Chevrolet Colorado, 2004-2012
GMC Yukon DenaliGMC Sierra, 1500-2500 (2500 v 6 bolt axle pattern)Chevrolet Corvette, 1994–2004
Holden Commodore, VZ 6.0 onlyGMC Sonoma, 1994-2005Chevrolet Express, 2003-2012
Holden Crewman, 2004 onlyGMC YukonChevrolet Impala SS, 1994–1996
Holden One Tonner, 2004 onlyGMC Yukon XL DenaliChevrolet S-10, 1994-2005
HSV Clubsport VZGMC Vandura, 1993-1996Chevrolet Silverado 1500-2500
Hummer H2  

How much transmission liquid does a 4l60e hold?

The 4L60e’s liquid volume is 12 quarts (dry) of infection fluid. This volume is based on a stock, v a 12 “torque converter,” shallow “transmission pan.” The ability of added fluid will selection from one extra quart or an ext with a deep pan.

Most passenger vehicles take it from 12 come 16 quarts of infection fluid, but the model of the auto dictates the form and exactly how much. While many vehicles come through a dipstick to inspect the infection fluid, over there are various other models that perform not.

How many quarts the transmission liquid do you placed in a speak converter?

When installation the converter onto the transmission, please pour roughly one quart the ATF (automatic infection fluid) into the converter before installing right into the transmission.

Finish the surroundings of the transmission. As soon as finished, install four quarts the ATF in the transmission. Begin the engine and immediately include two much more quarts. Now, girlfriend can add additional fluid to fill the transmission.

How perform you examine automatic transmission fluid?

To examine your automatic infection fluid, follow these steps:

Pull out the dipstick. V the gearshift in Neutral or Park and also the parking brake on, let her engine run.Check the fluid.Wipe the dipstick through a clean, lint-free rag; then reinsert it and pull it out again.IS A BRAKE fluid FLUSH NECESSARY?

What type of Transmission fluid Does The 4l60e Use?

In 2006, GM superceded Dexron III together the encourage fill v Dexron VI, which is backwards compatible with the earlier versions. The transmission frequently accepts a 6.3 quart fill.

Other Compatible Transmission fluid for 4160e?

Royal purple Max ATF.Valvoline MaxLife.Castrol Transmax.

How carry out I understand what transmission I have?

Open the driver’s side door to view a white card extended with tiny black color lettering on the next of the door. Specific details the the year the automobile was built, that transmission, engine specs and also other details are consisted of in this card. There will be a number password underneath or next to the ‘TR’ sign.

Can you placed a 4l65e in ar of a 4l60e?

As they usage a different torque converter and also input shaft, they room not fully compatible v the 4L60E. … however if a 4L65E is to it is in used, make sure you have the 300 mm talk converter through it.

Should ns Flush mine 4l60e?

Here is a finish topic of when and also what circumstances developed when needs of a transmission fluid.

Signs You need a Coolant Flush

How to understand if your transmission is overfilled?

Under the transmission, yes sir a puddle of fluid forming. Make certain you find for leaks top top the seals of the transmission.You can’t properly shift. Commonly this is a authorize of foamy fluid.Your engine overheats, and pressure is not negated by the infection fluid.

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Best as whole ATF

Valvoline DEX/MERC (ATF) Automatic infection Fluid

Price: $20.54 1 GA

Formulated v premium base stocks and progressed additive technology to satisfy the an overwhelming demands of automatic transmissionsEnhanced anti-shudder defense for smooth shifting and also maximum power transferDeveloped with anti-wear an innovation to aid improve transmission durabilityEngineered with a proprietary blend of base oil and advanced additives to provide much better oil circulation at low temperatures and greater film defense at higher temperatures


Good for all temperaturesHigh wear and friction protectionLong term protectionAnti-shudder tech


A little on the thin sideShould I change Transmission liquid after 100k Miles



Price: $22.32 1 GA

This choice meets DEXRON-III H requirements, plus it satisfies requirements of DEXRON, DEXRON-III, IIE and II, as well as Mercon needs too.Provides superior protection against long hatchet wear, as well as friction, this improving the expectancy of transmissions.It is no the finest for cold weather conditions, it does perform an extremely well in hotter temperatures and also is particularly designed for city and highway driving.


Suitable for plenty of vehiclesExceptional protection and lifespan increaseIdeal for heat conditionsGood for city and highway


ExpensiveNot recommended because that cold climate

Royal purple Max ATF


Price: $15.99 1 QT

Extends the life of her transmissionHigh performance automatic infection fluidHigh film toughness helps to substantially reduce heat and also wear


Best because that a selection of transmissionsGreat protectionResponsive and smooth shifting