As far as I can make out, it"s typically assumed the Elves space taller 보다 Men, on average. But it doesn"t actually explicitly say this everywhere in the books. Is this just a spillover indigenous the Peter Jackson films, or does it actually have actually some fact to it? I actually think the Elves are shorter than Men, together it says in the kids of Húrin that Nellas showed up as a maiden of his own age. Whether that was because she wanted to appear so is debatable, however it likewise says later on that Túrin grew to be tall among Men, and taller 보다 the Elves.I to be discounting the details in the book of shed Tales regarding the elevation of the Elves, together this seems to it is in outdated, and also go hand in hand with the old ide of Fading.

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There are numerous accounts through Tolkien of the Stature of Elves.He states that Elu Thingol was something prefer 7"4" tall (The Tallest of every Elves). And that on median the Elves to be taller in stature than were men.Remember this is an AVERAGE, definition if you take it a random Elf, and also a random Human, the radom Elf will be taller than the random human being for practically all instance.This does not mean that there space not certain Humans that space taller than the average Elf, such together Túrin.Let"s take it a pair of analogies to show this. Say that we have actually two groups, group E and also Group M. And that each team has ten members. Let"s say the the heights the the members of these groups CAN BE all over from 1 to 10 (These are not actual measurements, just arbitrary categories, where 1 = Shortest, and 10 = tallest).So, come give an example of the members of every Group:Group E (Member"s Heights): 6, 7, 8, 7, 7, 8, 6, 5, 9, 10Group M (Member"s Heights): 7, 4, 5, 6, 5, 6, 6, 6, 8, 7The Average height of team E is 7.3, when the Average elevation of team M is 6.Overall, group M is "Smaller in Stature" than team E, also though there is one member of team M (with a height of "8") the is taller than the average member of team E. And also in team E we see that one member (with a height of "10") is the Tallest of all members of one of two people population.You can also have such populaces where group E could be such that the Average elevation remained better than the of group M, yet group M had actually the Tallest Member of either population.And we likewise have the instances of both The Silmarillion and also The history of Middle-earth wherein it is stated that Elves were usually taller 보다 Men. There room some allusions come this in The mr of the Rings when Tolkien explains Glorfindel and also Elrond, as well as when Sam is mistaken for an Elven Warrior at the fortress on Cirith Ungol.Plus.... Tolkien provides Norse and Finnish Elves together the design template for the Elves that Middle-earth, and the Elves the Beowulf and the Saxons, wherein such Elves were really tall, otherworldly beings. They space a kind of Archetype for a "Perfect Human," and for most of human being History, tall, pale, and also dark-haired with pale eye colors has been viewed as an "ideal the perfection and beauty" to humans in Europe (and also much the Asia, save for having White Hair rather of Black).MB

Thanks for clarifying that. Girlfriend seem to know a lot more a bout it 보다 I do! space you certain that elves in Saxon and also Norse mythology to be tall, however? i seem to recall castle being tiny beings who led to sickness by firing arrows in ~ animals. Elf-shot. I might well be wrong, though.
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Thanks because that clarifying that. Girlfriend seem to recognize a lot more a bout it than I do! room you sure that elves in Saxon and also Norse mythology to be tall, however? ns seem come recall them being tiny beings who brought about sickness by firing arrows at animals. Elf-shot. I may well be wrong, though.

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I to be pretty certain of this. The norseman Elves in specific are a layout for Tolkien"s elves, as they are stated to live v the Vanir (Maia - the Nordic god were separation into two types, choose those the Middle-earth. In the Nordic, this was the Aesir and also the Vanir) in Aelfheim v Freyr.I cannot discover an online source that consists of much about the Anglo-Saxon"s Elves, but prior to the settlement of the saxons in England, they were simply a north European Norse/Germanic people, who had particularly the same Myths as did the norseman (as did the Goths, that are simply Saxons who went West and South, rather than North and West).But the is the Anglo-Saxon relenten of Elves wherein we watch the Elves "Diminishing." The Saxon Elves (Alb, Aelf, Alß, etc. - depending upon Saxon origin: North, South, West, East). After the Saxons settled in England, your Christianization caused the barred of the praise of the Aelfir. This led them to diminish in stature, together the Christian Church sought to marginalize them native the Heroic, Idealized form, to a lesser, demonic reality (During the Dark/Middle eras the Christian Church search to connect Nature and the Pagan divine beings with Satan, and the Elves were no exception). Therefore thus went from gift tall, fierce warrior (who likewise had a tendency to love singing, the woods, the stars, were beautiful past compare, etc.) that could come to be invisible to gift small, elusive and dainty beings who were capricious and also cruel.It to be this readjust that ongoing through Elizabethan England to victorian (during the resurgence of "Fairy" in England in ~ the time) that Tolkien fought versus and rejected.MB