Plies net Worth and also Salary: Plies is an American rapper who has actually a net worth the $6 million. Plies has released five records in his career and numerous mixtapes, with number of songs getting to #1 top top the united state Rap chart. In 2011, he to be nominated for a Grammy award for ideal Rap performance By A Duo Or Group.

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Early Life: Plies was born Algernod Lanier Washington top top July 1st, 1976, in fort Myers, Florida. He visited high institution at fort Myers an elderly High school, wherein he play defensive ago and recipient on the soccer team. He was the valedictorian of his graduating class and also was named the best-dressed college student of his class.

Plies attend Miami University and also played wide receiver for their football team in between 1995 and 1997 under Nod Washington. The then transferred to the university of main Florida, although he dropped out prior to finishing the college year.

In the so late "90s, Plies and also his stepbrother, well-known as large Gates, established an independent record label, big Gates Records. The 2 of them videotaped a solitary together, and after fostering it and also traveling to Miami numerous times, Plies signed to the document label Slip-N-Slide-Records.

Career: In august of 2007, Plies released his debut album "The genuine Testament." The very first single from the record, "Shawty," featured T-Pain and topped the Billboard warm Rap tracks chart. The song also peaked in ~ number ripe on the warm 100. The next two singles found similar success, and also the album obtained RIAA gold certification within six months.

His second album, "Definition of Real," to be released in June of 2008, just ten month after his first record. The lead solitary "Bust It baby Pt. 2," which features Ne-Yo, peaked at number two on the hot Rap Tracks and also number 7 on the warm 100. The album got to number 2 on the Billboard 200 and sold much more than 200,000 copies in its first week. The album was at some point certified gold, four months after ~ its release.

Plies net Worth

Plies released his 4th album, entitled "Goon Affiliated," ~ above June 8th of 2010. The album"s first two singles both featured guest performances by Bei Maejor. "Goon Affiliated" debuted in ~ number 5 on the Billboard 200, although it got lukewarm reviews. He ongoing making guest appearances on other rappers" songs, consisting of Young Jeezy"s "Lose your Mind," which was nominated for best Rap performance By A Duo Or team at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Plies has ongoing performing and also releasing several mixtapes and singles. In 2020, Plies exit his 5th record referred to as "The genuine Testament 2," a sequel to his debut record.

Legal Issues: On July second of 2006, police charged Plies v illegal possession of a concealed weapon after ~ a nightclub shoot in Florida. Five civilization were injured in the shooting, through members the Plies" entourage receiving fees of test murder. The shooting began after Plies" microphone was reduced off due to the fact that his power ran over time. According to the promoter, Plies became enraged, shouting, and also created a fight, which ended with countless bullets fired.

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In 2017, police arrested Plies in Wesley Chapel, Florida, for driving if intoxicated. Plies refuse a roadside breathalyzer test and also was then taken into custody.