Every Nintendo 3DS or 2DS has their own distinctive 12-digit code referred to as the friend code. This new feature, which to be also accessible in Wii, allows you connect with various other players almost everywhere in the people as lengthy as they have actually an net connection. Having a friends list on your Pokémon X and Y video game lets you carry out different activities with your friends, such as trading, battling, voice chatting, co-op playing, and also even having them in her Pokémon girlfriend safari.

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Adding Friends

Get your friend’s friend code. You will require this to add his or she to your Friends List.Turn on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS. To rotate on her device, press the Power button on the front of the maker once. Wait for a couple of seconds and also your Nintendo device will open.Open the friends List. After opening your Nintendo device, friend will watch the home menu screen. Top top the top, madness the orange smiley challenge icon to open up the friend List.Register a friend. Madness the “Register friend” switch located on top to include a friend.Choose if you will certainly register a friend locally or indigenous the Internet. A blog post will appear asking if you will certainly register a friend either with “Local” or the “Internet.” choose “Internet” to add friends no matter where there place is. you can pick “Local” if the friend the you desire to it is registered is physically located close to you. Type in your friend’s code. Insanity “OK” as soon as you’re finished. Her friend will certainly be immediately added to your Friends List.

Interacting v Friends

Open her Pokémon X game. After including your friend’s code, go earlier to the house menu by tapping “Close” and then tapping “Home menu.” Make certain that your Pokémon X video game is placed on her Nintendo device. If it is, a “Pokémon X” game button should appear on the middle of the residence menu. Click the switch to start the game. Click your profile to pack your previously saved game. Walk to Pokémon girlfriend Safari. Choose a Pokémon that have the right to use fly and use the fly to Kiloude City. Native the Pokémon center, go to the right and then turn upwards ~ above the last edge of the road. Stop when you watch a structure with a eco-friendly Pokéball on top. enter that building and then walk in the direction of the lady in former of the desk and then pick “Go to Safari.”Choose a safari. The perform of your friends will appear on the bottom screen. Select a girlfriend to have the ability to go in their safari.

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After picking a friend, click “Yes” and also then you will now be able to enter her friend’s safari.


include as numerous friends together you deserve to to expand your Pokémon collection and to experience an ext battles. Use the safaris; they are helpful!