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Anyone who adheres to Jay is gamings knows our penchant because that high explosives. Well, actually, it"s mostly just me. Ns mean, look in ~ the games I"ve reviewed so far. Cannons, tanks, demolition, and much more cannons. Maybe I should be concerned around this? ns mean, man does every the tranquil games: Music Catch, Floating Islands, now Boarding... Ah well. Old habits die hard. Let"s blow stuff up with NinjaKiwi!

Boombot is a actiony-puzzly-physicy-bomby video game from the equipments of Bloons, an ext Bloons, Even much more Bloons, and also much more. Her job, as some type of angry omniscient explosives technician, is come maneuver one itty-bitty robot called Boombot to the departure of each level. Aside from the black color bombs under your control, you"ll need to manipulate TNT, oil drums, and also nitroglycerin Senso-Gel come clear all fifty levels.

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You"ll uncover yourself launching her robot buddy around the stage, crashing him into solid walls and also bouncy mats in your quest to guide him far from your self-imposed artillery range. (Although wouldn"t it it is in much less complicated to just teach the robot just how to walk to the exit? gunpowder doesn"t come cheap, girlfriend know.)

Analysis: The ide is beautifully simple and well-executed. The game"s difficulty ramps up nicely, so the by your an initial real obstacles you"ve obtained aiming under pat. Because that those who like a bit much more ease, an countless Bombs alternative is available.

The graphics aren"t overly cartoony, yet feel distinctly traction from a kid"s cartoon. From the big black globes v lit fuses to the conveniently labeled red boxes alongside the sparkly jars of extremely explosive liquids, the simple and distinct visuals add to the light-hearted, rather silly atmosphere.

You"ll discover yourself wanting to blast your means through every fifty levels in one sitting.

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And there"s naught wrong with that. (Although if you job-related for the society for the prevention of Cruelty to Robots, I can recommend keeping the volume down.)

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